A Sad Full Of Kittens

Naked World Records

The largest medically verified penis on record is 13.5 inches long and 6.25 inches around, documented in the early twentieth century by Dr. R. L. Dickinson. During our research we came across the picture below – somehow we suspect it may be a fake 😉

I found this site while doing research for a silly facebook status update game. I didn’t let Posterous quote the pic that the paragraph is referring to, because it is not safe for work (NSFW) or school or home if the kids are in the room. It’s all in comic fun if it’s a fake image and someone to feel sorry for or envious of it it’s a real image.

If this guy is/was ever real, I don’t know who (other than adult film stars with equine fetishes) would want to hook up with him. He’s significantly more endowed than the size mentioned in the quote. But I don’t even think I’d want the phallus mentioned in the quote anywhere near me. The circumference rivals that of a newborn baby’s head!

A Sad Full Of Kittens

I was wasting time on Failbook just now because the girls were supposed to be sleeping (Luna woke up while I was typing this /sigh) and I came across this.
The image I’ve attached to this message is a Windows Snipping Tool snip of part of the comment thread. I snipped it because it made me laugh out loud (LOL) for real, unlike the image the comment thread was under.

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