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I’ve been reading novels for my class and haven’t had time to work on those other books I’m supposed to be reviewing—gasp! for shame!—but if you’ve been following everything else that’s been going on in my life, maybe my being behind isn’t such a surprise to you. Tonight I am working on homework. One of the novels I’m reading for a class is Chatterton by Peter Ackroyd. I’m not actually reviewing it for you guys right now because, well, I ain’t got the time, sistah! But I am going to tell you want I think is the best chapter opening I’ve read in a while. Chapter 7 of this book starts with the following:

Harriet Scrope was trying to examine her gums in the ormolu mirror above the mantelpiece; she was craning her neck and leering at her reflection, almost toppling over as she did so, but she could see nothing. ‘Never again’!’ she said out loud. ‘I’ll never hav ethat man in my mouth again!’ The door-bell rang and, since she had just had a long telephone conversation with Sarah Tilt about the iniquities of her dentist[…]
Dentist! Isn’t it great? I mean, the word “gums” might’ve given it away, but since my mind is pretty much so far past the gutter it’s a sneeze away from the water-treatment facility, I did not see dentist at the end of that…

Followback Girl

For some reason, every time I get on Twitter, this song plays in my head, but with new lyrics:

“If you think you’re gonna tweet like that, I ain’t gonna follow back now, I ain’t gonna follow back now!”

Yes, I am an odd cookie, but which flavor?


Acrasia = Lack of self control
Bablatrice = Talkative woman
Battologist = A person who repeats the same thing unnecessarily
Bouquinist = Someone who deals in second hand books
Chadband = Someone who is hypocritical and unctuous
Catoptromancy = Foretelling the future
Dactylonomy = Counting on your fingers
Expergefaction = Waking up
Proselytize = to induce someone to convert to one’s faith
Supererogation = the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation, or need
Woolgathering = indulgence in idle daydreaming
Zabernism = The abuse of authority


Can you use any of these words in a sentence. What about writing a paragraph using these words as key terms? Do you think you’d be able to guess them if they came up in a game of hangman? I know and use a few of these on a regular basis, others were new terms for me, which means I’ll probably see them all over the place now (such seems to be the case with words that are new to me).

A post on my WordPress blog is listed as a related post, which sent a pingback to the WordPress post. The WordPress post in question is itself a sort of reblogging of someone else’s post, as I discussed Blueprint Blue’s blogger blog in the post, in reference to his post “44 4-Word Sentences.”

It reminds me of those photographs or paintings that are the same image within itself over and over in progressively smaller scales, presumably to infinity. But I guess that’s what the blogsphere is about. Perhaps I should take advantage of this? Perhaps, in addition to the awesomeness of autoposting, I should take advantage of the unique features of the various sites on which I blog?

For instance, on Twitter and other microblogs, I could microblog about popular or trending topics. On facebook, I already share things my friends post or reply to things they post, but I am less active on the pages and groups I’ve joined. The new feature that allows pages to interact with other pages should be a means of getting my words out there as it were by posting commentary in the name of my pages to various other pages I’ve liked.

On my photoblogs, vlogs, and Scribd., I should comment on things other people post. On tumblr I should use their built in reblog feature (same for WordPress). On my linklogs I should find other people’s linklogs to follow, go to those sites, use the comment features of the sites, and leave linkbacks to one of my blogs…

Okay, but, realistically, I am not equipped to spend that much time in cyberspace.


Because I am the mother of two beautiful daughters who need me a lot these days. I stay home with them and am in charge of keeping them fed and clean and happy and healthy.  I am also in charge of keeping my house June Cleaver spotless (or, you know, as close as I can get it when Luna dutifully goes behind me and undoes everything I’ve done). I also prep and cook meals for my husband because he works hard at his Hellmart job (and also now at his own business–find them on facebook!).

In addition to everything else, I’m in grad school. I am supposed to read a tower of novels and textbooks this semester, post on online forums for the two web-based courses and participate in classroom discussions for the one campus-based course, in addition to writing several essays and taking a few exams. I’m not whining about this–there are more rigorous programs out there.

It’s just that I’ve piled my plate pretty full of responsibilities, which means that fun stuff or work-stuff that isn’t for pay takes a back burner to all of this.  So, while I may über-blog, it is actually a quick process and the business of blogging doesn’t interfere with the business of caring for my family and our future.

brb, baby crying…

Later that day…

What was I talking about?

The Mikado At Walton Arts Center

The Mikado
Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 8PM
Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center

I get notifications in my Gmail inbox about upcoming events at the Walton Arts Center (WAC) in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I wish that I had the time and money to attend all of the events.

South pacific was there last year and I almost cried when I realized that I’d gotten the dates wrong.

On March 12, if you don’t happen to have to worry about babysitters and budgets, go see The Mikado at WAC.

Before I Die…In NOLA


I found this blog through StumbleUpon. This is a really interesting project in New Orleans.

The sign has the unfinished sentence, “Before I die ____.” written on it a bunch of times and people can grab a piece of chalk from a basket screwed to the sign and write their answer in one of the blanks.

I’ve never been to New Orleans. I wish I had seen it before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I would still love to go there. It’s on my bucket list:

Before I die __I want to visit New Orleans (among other places)__.

Freya sitting up


Freya is sitting up, supported on my knees.

View the full blog at and like the blog on Facebook.

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