The Same Forever, Like The Vampire Child Claudia

New Idea For Facebook


I tried to add a new item to my interests on my facebook page, partly in jest and partly because I actually think it would be a good idea. Facebook seems to disagree (see images).

Telekinesis Could Come In Handy

My right foot is cold. 

Why only my right foot, you might have asked if we’d been in the same room but we’re not so you didn’t ask? That’s simple. You see, at present, I am a bed.

No, that last sentence was not typed incorrectly. I am, in fact, performing the function of a bed for two

adorably exhausted tiny human beings.

My Freya and my Luna were each individually sleeping in different places while I tried to work on homework. But—as these things usually go—first one and then the other woke up.

Freya’s upset was that she’d gone 120 minutes without food, and we all know how frustrating that can be! After she got fed (the last bit of her formula mixed with baby oatmeal cereal because her daddy is currently en route home from a business trip and promised to stop and get formula on the way home…), she conked on my left arm.

Luna’s upset was a night terror. She gets these sometimes. She’ll wake up from a seemingly deep sleep and scream at the top of her lungs, eyes closed. I don’t know if she’s really awake or sleep-screaming, but it terrifies me. If I try to hug her or anything she’ll flail her tiny fists at me. I’ve learned to just talk soothingly to her out of firing range and try to convince her to let me hold her. Usually, once she’s been held for a few minutes, she falls back into that deep snoring sleep.

Sure enough, she’s fast asleep on my right thigh.

I had a small throw blanket cover my feet before the girls got into my lap. That blanket was cover me and Luna while she was trying to calm down. Now it’s covering my left foot and her legs. Freya’s got a baby blanket on her body. My poor right foot is left out in the cold…literally.

Telekinesis could come in handy at a time like this.

I love my girlies oodles and bunches and I know that as they age these cuddle times will diminish, so I’m not complaining. But my laptop is now perched precariously on the left armrest of my in-couch-recliner and I’m typing with a numbing left arm and a right arm that’s achy from the odd angle. I know…I could just not type at all. I could shut this machine down and let myself drift into dreamland while every light in the house is on. 

It’s tempting, believe me.

But at some point I need to finish my homework (what of it I can without reaching my books). When Husband gets home, I’ll ask him to help me transplant my sleeping beauties to their respective beds so I can get to that homework. I just hope frostbite doesn’t set into my right foot before then, lol.

Re: Harding University

I love WordPress’s related posts feature. I usually let all suggested posts be listed as related. I’m neither a left-wing looney nor a right-wing wacko such as the terms get applied in various media sources, and I do think it’s important for my readers to see both sides of a story before they come to their own conclusions.

The above is excerpted from my reply to a comment on my recent post about Harding University.

You can read the comment and my full reply if you click the link above. To summarize, I had let their blog entry be a related post, but they weren’t sure what to think about being listed as related. Their blog is about Christian morals and my blog is…well…about other things we shall say…

I don’t know if they’ll ever come back to read my comment, but I hope that they feel welcome to make any comments they so desire. I hope they don’t feel threatened by the beautiful exchange of ideas and ideals that is the world wide web.

I hope they can accept that their antagonists and foils have the same rights to freedom of speech and expression as they do, but that it is entirely possible for adult human beings to get along in the midst of political, moral, religious, and social differences (and any other differences that don’t fit in those boxes).

Somewhat Off topic: 

I almost typed “midget” instead of “midst.” I’ve met people who were born with various forms of dwarfism. Some are offended by the term “midget” and others are not. What is the best PC term to use? Or should I throw PC out the window all the time? Should I ask them what they want to be called, or is that rude?

I usually don’t say, “Hey, Midget Sally!” anyway. I would say, “Hey, Sally!” but if I was describing Sally to someone, I might say something in reference to her height, if the other person couldn’t figure out who she was without that particular clue.

I don’t say, “Do you know my black friend Joe?” but if I’ve described Joe in various other ways and the person still isn’t sure they know him, I might mention that Joe is black (or African-American?).

Can’t we all just get along or get a bong or play the bongo or camp in the Congo or sing a silly song we know?

4-word Sentences

^^^^English nerd right here. I loved this post. Also enjoyed anonymous’ comment. Contractions are one word? Phase apostrophes out then! That could happen someday. Already happens online daily.
Tetraword sentences are difficult. Reminds me of facebook. Status games trend periodically. One requires tetraword sentences.
Arise in a madhouse. What sentence gets blurted?
Never know what works. Usually stick with basics.
“What the heck happened?”

The excerpt is my comment on someone’s Blogger blog (follow the link to read their wonderful post. I found it randomly, the following has been trending on facebook lately in various forms:

“You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using 4 words, what would you say to me? Note: If you comment, you must copy and paste this to your status, so I may comment on yours as well.. Be a good sport and play along… 4 words is harder than you think……!!”

What do you think? How long of a paragraph can you write with tetraword sentences? How many individual tetraword sentences can you think of that convey enough meaning to play the facebook status game?

I used to ask if anyone is even reading these posts or refer to my readers as imaginary, but since I’ve gotten comments on some of my blogs recently, been reblogged from tumblr, and showed up twice in my mother’s Google searches (when she wasn’t looking for me or my blog) I’m starting to feel like I’m “out there” and active in the blogosphere. I guess syncing and autoposting has paid off!

Book Suicide

A friend shared this on facebook and I couldn’t resist blogging it. 🙂

Another Contender For Mother Of The Year…

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — An Orange County mother and her boyfriend are accused of beating her 3-year-old son to death after he wet his pants.

The article goes on to state that the mother claims she was concerned about her son’s health after the beating, but watched a movie and ate a pizza with her boyfriend.

Quick–someone get this sultana a mother-of-the-year award!

I have two daughters. One will turn four in May. The other is four months old. I’m going through potty training with my older daughter. It’s frustrating and stressful sometimes. We just had to switch her back to pullups because the addition of a new baby sister caused a bit of a regression on her part (she’d been having few accidents before that).

I can see sometimes spanking a child on the bottom if they do something like squat on the carpet two inches from a potty chair, giggling and grinning from ear to ear, because they think it’s hilarious that you don’t want them peeing/pooping on the carpet, but for the most part potty training should not involve punishment, especially not punishment as severe as beating them.

This poor boy died, probably in agony, while his mother and her boyfriend chillaxed and ignored him. He didn’t deserve that. No child deserves that. I wish I had known this little boy. I wish I could have held him and told him he was loved.

The problem is any idiot can make a baby. On the one hand I’m majorly against policing another person’s reproductive life, but I really do wish there were ways to screen people like this right out of the parenting job. They weren’t parenting. And now one more tombstone is going to show dates far too close together…

Arkansas Pro Bono Legal Services

Center For Arkansas Legal Services – River Valley Volunteer Attorney Project

In case anyone might need these services. Found this while doing a Google search for a friend.

What. The. Fuck.

Found this on my tumblr dashboard. The thing I don’t like about tumblr is the only options are to “love” something or “reblog” it. I’ve been reblogged once, which is cool, but I haven’t reblogged anyone directly through the tumblr dashboard yet.

I like to share things I find online with lots of different people, and has allowed me to do that with amazing results. I don’t necessarily need my blogs to be carbon copies of each other, but I don’t want to leave anyone out. 🙂

Maybe, at some future time, I’ll take advantage of tumblr’s reblog button just like I do WordPress’s suggestions for related posts, tags, public domain images, and hyperlinks.

Anyway, enjoy this odd .giff (which I’m not sure if it’s his girlfriend or his daughter in the background because she’s jumping to fast for me to guess at an age).

Baby Driver

Every time I see this commercial it makes me cry.

A friend was recently discussing how her daughter has gone from a 7yo (which is pretty much not that far from still being her baby) to a pubescent girl in the time that I’ve known them. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

But my Luna has gone from a baby to a toddler to a preschooler in that same time frame.

It won’t be long til my friend has to deal with the issues presented in this Subaru commercial; it won’t even be that long til I have to deal with them.

My friend only has one child; in some ways, her journey seems easier to me on the outside looking in because she only has to watch one hatchling leave the nest. But in other ways my journey seems easier, since my nest will take slightly longer to empty.

I don’t want to think about these things. Can’t my little girls just be the same age forever, like the vampire child Claudia?

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