YouTube And SCA

CephlestosGhost’s Channelvia My YouTube Channel, what little there is there anyway. 🙂 I need to get a webcam for my new laptop if I want to become a serious vlogger. And by serious, of course I mean ridiculous… Local SCA Eventvia View the full blog at and like the blog on Facebook.


Facebook Incriminates Bigamist A word of caution to any would-be bigamists who may be reading this: If you’re posting photos of your second wedding to Facebook, you might want to make sure your first wife can’t see them.  That’s precisely what Richard Barton Jr. of Grand Rapids, Michigan, did; he’s now out of jail, perhaps… Continue reading Polyamory

Freya Randomness

Freya randomness Freya can stand! Freya can stand (sort of). More Mother Of The Year Contestants… THIS is what abuse looks like. Poor babies. I hope they recover and find love. Why doesn’t  infertility and miscarriage effect people like this? Public School House Rock: Interjections Public School House Rock!(sung)When Christopher walked into class, uh huh… Continue reading Freya Randomness