Squid Jerky Is Totally Awesome

Squid Jerky Is Totally Awesome

A friend of mine currently resides in Korea with her husband and two children as well as her mother. When I was pregnant with Freya, she had mentioned squid jerkey during a random conversation on Yahoo messenger. I told her I’d like to try some. I love trying new foods.

In Fort Smith, we have a pretty large Asian population.

As a delightful consequence of all this Asian influence, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from:

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Unfortunately, Korean is not among the native cuisines available here.

The closest Korean eatery is in Fayetteville, AR:

So when my friend offered to send me some Korean food items (non perishables of course) I was excited.  She didn’t get a chance to send them until very recently, but she kept talking about them and making me salivate at the thought of testing my pallet on them.

Then, quite coincidentally, one of my graduate courses required that I get a tutee from another culture.  When I contacted my undergrad alma mater to see if they had any students that would be willing to let me work with them (as I still live in the town where that college is located and commute to the grad school in another town), the student I was placed with turned out to be from Korea.

My Korean food package arrived in the mail:

I was delighted to discover that the package also included a collection of Korean coins. I would have photographed the individual coins rather than just the outside of the box, but Luna was too hands-on with the items as it was.  I love her curiosity but she still can’t get out of that oral-fixation stage. I’m constantly worried that I’ll have to rush her to the ER because she’s swallowed something, which is why she doesn’t have access to her piggy bank unless I have a coin I want her to put in there and why there are locked doors leading to parts of the house that contain items she doesn’t need access to (see my facebook album “Mi hija, Luna” for pics of her posing in front of the dutch door husband built to keep the kids safely out of the kitchen).

I asked my student if she would be willing to translate the words on the packages for me. In this way, I could figure out what the heck the packages say and she could practice her English.  One of the items is a chocolate bar with an amusingly poorly translated slogan (as you’ll see in the images).  Hopefully, my student and I can discuss things like why that slogan sounds awkward to a native English speaker, and how it could be reworded.  Translation is a difficult task.  I don’t think verbatim translations work for very many languages (see my Google Translate post).

Even without knowing what the packages say, I can easily figure out what is in them (hey, pictures are awesome!) and am looking forward to enjoying them.  Since I know I have to do a powerpoint later this semester about my experiences with my student and about her culture, I am considering scanning the packages, or at least using our digital camera to get better images. As you can see in the pics, my beautiful Luna was interfering with my photo-shoot. I was trying to use a pillow as a backdrop and she kept moving it or leaing on it because it’s funny to mess up mommy’s projects.  To make her happy, I snapped off a shot of her smiling face and left it in the image gallery. She thought the squid jerky was awesome too.

I’ve already tried one of the types of squid jerky (the ones that were bundled together with a rubber band .  The tentacles were similar in toughness to other types of jerky I’ve eaten, and had a slight sweet-spice flavor. The other fleshy parts were more chewy and sweeter.  I’m curious what the other two types taste like, specifically the one that looks like a giant filet-o-phallus… If you want to see a real phallus filet you should watch National Geographic more often or visit a body modding shop.

My reference to filet-o-phallus links to the Answer Me This! blog. So listen to this clip, read their blog, visit their YouTube channel, find them on whatever other site they happen to be on, and then if you’re moved to comment on something they say you could shamelessly plug my blog by mentioning you found out about them through me. They’re hilarious yet informative and have nothing to do with Korea or squid jerky–random neuron firings FTW!!!111 😛

For those of you who are curious, Freya’s doing great. We’re feeding her lots of calories every two hours at doctors orders to try and force her growth to what the charts say a child of her age should be. She has an appointment tomorrow and another on Friday. Her doctors and other powers that be will be checking on her closely for the next few months.

I am not going to do a whole entry-length discussion/rant about the details, but it seems that in spite of evidence to the contrary they’ve determined her weight issues had root in something her parental units should have done differently. We are absolutely willing to follow every doctor order and have her examined and observed as much as possible because we’ve always wanted our children to be happy and healthy. I know that she will soon be grown and fighting with her big sister over toys and this will all be behind us, a distant nightmare.

My readers, friends, and family know that my girls are in a safe and loving home. Anyone who doesn’t think that is certainly entitled to their opinions, but I’d like to know what it is they think I’m doing wrong. Doctors and nurses tell me Luna is the most polite child they’ve met (please, thank you, yes mam, etc). Freya smiles so big and loves to cuddle. As far as I know, aside from Freya’s weight, they’re both on track developmentally; if they aren’t I’m ready and willing to get them into programs that can help them. I’ve actually contacted BOST about Luna at my sister’s suggestion that Luna might have speech delay issues (her ped doesn’t think so but I’m disenchanted by that particular individual at present.

I’m working on getting some more things done to my house. We’re on the waiting list for a weatherization program, but in the interim I’ve been wanting to remove or replace the carpeting and kitchen flooring. Freya’s trying to crawl in her Pack ‘N’ Play and I want her to have a decent floor space to crawl on when she’s ready to move about the house.  I’ve also contacted a local maid service   I just want to know what they would charge to clean my house on a regular basis. I’m capable of doing it all on my own, but if I go back to work and husband’s still working two jobs (Hellmart and his own store), it would be nice to have that one burden lifted.  An alternative is to let husband take another wife (LMAO) but that’s not gonna happen in this lifetime unless she was extremely devoted to a vow of celibacy.

I’ll end this with a set of lyrics that are so obscure, I found them on an UltimateGuitar.com forum.  I have no idea what the name of user devourthekitten’s band is (maybe it is devourthekitten) so I just used their username as they’ve indicated that the lyrics are their intellectual property and I can’t find the lyrics referenced anywhere else. Usually I try to read an entire song and listen to it at least once in my life before quoting it on a blog entry, but it’s really difficult to find lyrics pertaining to phallus filets, I’ve used up most of my favorite family/parenting songs, and I don’t know Korean even slightly so I don’t know about quoting a Korean song (which kinda ties into the discussion on Answer Me This! about tattoos in other languages).

Free Infant Weight Charts
By infantchart.com


Freya as of 2/23/2011: 9 pounds 7 ounces = 4.28077799 kilograms

Luna as of 2/23/2011: 38.4 pounds = 17.417947 kilograms

Me as of 2/23/2011: 283.6 pounds = 128.638796 kilograms

Freya was weighed at her pediatrician’s office this morning. They had her completely naked on the infant scale with the sliding weights.  I weighed me and Luna on our digital bathroom scale. We were fully clothed. Still, I’m up 15lbs since I last weighed myself in January and I know I cannot blame my clothing for the weight discrepancy.

Freya’s Chart is by infantchart.com and Luna’s chart is by childrenchart.com. I couldn’t get their embed code to work on Posterous so I used the windows snipping tool. My BMI info came from cdc.gov.

Toddlers and Tiaras

Our next Toddler Star is Miss Isabella. You may be thinking, which Isabella? There were so many! But you can probably have a good idea of the Isabella I am talking about when I say this: she might just have the sweetest attitude on the show. This little brunette wears cute little glasses and I have never seen her be upset. Isabella is the “Miss Congeniality” of the toddlers!

via tiaratoddlers.blogspot.com

I watch “Toddlers and Tiaras” out of curiosity, mostly. I’m not into pageants. If my daughters asked to be in them I would let them, but only if it was a “natural” pageant (as opposed to a “glitz” pageant).

I excerpted this from another blog because I was watching an episode of the show and this little girl was on the episode. She’s adorable. In the episode, she had glasses and little-girl teeth. Her hair was in pig tails. She wore little-girl clothing and her talent was a hula hoop and cartwheels.

Basically, she went into the pageant being herself. They gave her a Princess title. Her mother said that the title didn’t actually mean anything but that Isabella wouldn’t know that–that they were in the pageants for her to just have fun.

That’s a cool thing. That’s what pageants should be for the girls. Why paint their faces up to look like tarts? Why put them in immodest dresses that are hardly even appropriate on grown women? Why spray tan their little bodies, cover their teeth with veneers or flippers, add hair extensions or hair pieces, and do all manner of cosmetic alterations? Why train them to dance like Madonna in her cone phase (look that episode up…)?

Let little girls be little girls. I wish that all the pageants moms and girls were like Isabella and her mother.

Pretty Baby

She’s such a happy pretty baby.

devourthekitten–Phallus fillet Hello hi hey Phallus fillet Tasty entre Cut Clean Meat Lean Phallus fillet.

View the full blog at heartchasms.blogspot.com and like the blog on Facebook.

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