The Last Day At Hospital

Bill Murray

I use StumbleUpon sometimes when I’m bored or can’t concentrate on schoolwork or am trying to take my mind off of other things. I found the above blog through StumbleUpon. It’s all about stories of people having hilarious (fictitious) chance encounters with Bill Murray and him shouting “No one will ever believe you” as he runs off after doing something strange/funny/annoying/what-have-you.

I’m not in the temper necessary to write my own amusing spoof encounter will Mr. Murray. I am no Shame of the Jungle, I am just the opposite of Saturday Night Live right now. I can’t even concentrate on The TV Show I’m watching.

If I had a bunch of money then after we get the good news tomorrow about Freya’s health Next Stop, Greenwich Village. Yes, All You Need Is Cash (well, that and Meatballs). Do I need money to head on down to Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video (Where the Buffalo Roam) and listen to B. C. Rock?

I guess I could–for a lark–hang out at the Caddyshack in my Lose Shoes (the ones with the Stripes). Me and Tootsie could watch Steve Martin’s Best Show Ever and The Rodney Dangerfield Show on SCTV Network while we whittle Square Pegs with The Razor’s Edge.

We used to be great friends but Nothing Lasts Forever. It wasn’t my fault we got Scrooged at the Little Shop of Horrors, but who’s decision was it to dress up like the Ghostbusters? We tried to do a Quickchange, but there wasn’t enough time. If you wand someone who’s really good at that, What About Bob? We hung out with him on Groundhog Day, along with Mad Dog and Glory.

Then Ed Wood showed up and picked a fight with the Kingpin because he thought he was Larger Than Life (that poor Man Who Knew Too Little). Oh the Stories From My Childhood…we were Wildthings. With Friends Like These…amiright?

Remember that time we all went to Rushmore? We could go again; you could hire a sitter, this electronic Cradle Will Rock, Scout’s Honor, and you won’t have to worry about baby Hamlet. Charlie’s Angels and Osmosis Jones went to visit The Royal Tenenbaums, but Speaking of Sex, you know something is Lost in Translation when your wild night begins with Coffee and Cigarettes and The Life Aquatic.

You can blame Garfield for The Broken Flowers in The Lost City. The Darjeeling Ember needs to Get Smart in the City of Ember (Backdrop NYC), but you know The Limits of Control. Now, Get Low! The Fantastic Mr. Fox is in the middle of a Passion Play with Missus Fox; you don’t want to see that!

Good Morning Mommy

Good morning, mommy, in appreciation for waking me up to feed me, here’s a diaper blow-out. {So glad she’s not stopped up anymore but EWWWWWW}


If you live in Fort Smith and are wanting to help, please call me. Number’s on my Facebook.
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