Ducks, Dilemmas, and Distractions

Redneck Mamas

This made me laugh. I found it as a suggested video after listening to a Gretchen Wilson “Redneck Woman” vid with lyrics.

Still Babbling…

My videos never made it to or :*( But I love how has a click-to-play button for my song. I’m trying out some more features in this post, so try to bear with me, if you can bear it.

I forgot it was garbage day. Oops. Oh well. I’ll consolidate it all later. The cans they gave us are so big that I haven’t yet managed to successfully fill them with just one week’s worth of garbage. Maybe that’s because we aren’t cooking very often.  Husband tends to eat one big meal in the morning and then maybe something light on the way out the door to work at night and something during his break at work. I sometimes forget to eat.

Earlier this morning I was sitting on the couch remembering to eat.  My snack of choice was Taquitos.  I felt a crumb hit my breasts and looked down to brush it off—then I shrieked and jumped four feet, dropping my laptop on the floor and landing on my tailbone for, you see, the “crumb” turned out to be the spider that had crawled under the couch yesterday afternoon (at least I’m hoping it was the same spider, because the thought of more than one crawling around inside my couch sets my arachnophobia ablaze.

Spiders have a right to reside in my house.  I welcome the thought of them eating the occasional insects that wander in so I don’t end up with an insect infestation.  However, if I know for a fact that the spider is poisonous, it is no longer welcome in my home.  And if any spider–poisonous or otherwise–dares crawl on me or one of my babies, it’s dead.

After I’d landed on my tailbone, I shook out my shirt (still shrieking, mind you) because that’s where the asinine arachnid had managed to scurry when I’d first jumped.  The only thing worse than a spider on me is a spider in my clothing.  When I’d managed to shake him/her/it (how can you tell the gender?) out of my shirt, I found my shoe and gave the spider the appropriate capital punishment.

Husband  had been sleeping on the couch up to this point, and I think he though me daft for screaming and getting worked up over a spider on my tits.  He told me the spider would have been more likely to have bitten me during all that freaking out than if I’d just remained calm.  Sure, his logic might seem sound, but if you want an accurate depiction of what spiders are to me, I can’t say it any better than she does–

After my arachnidcide, I went back to my daily routine of being a blogging, freelance writing, college-degree-earning, stay-at-home-mom.  Later in the morning, my eyelids were drooping due to my up-all-night adventure, and both girls wanted to be held, so the laptop was put aside and I became a bed for the most beautiful girls in the world (not that I’m biased or anything).

It was sweet because Luna, sound asleep, was hugging Freya like a teddy bear.  Freya was drinking from one of her fleshy nourishment dispensaries but was also sound asleep.  I was drifting in and out of consciousness because sleeping on my back in a recliner with 50-some-odd pounds of human on me isn’t entirely comfortable, no matter how sweet cuddling with kiddos is. Plus, Husband  had fallen back to sleep after my spider fiasco and was using the blanket we keep in the living-room for spontaneous napping.  The girls had both brought their blankets (okay, Luna brought blankets for both girls), but these seemed to only be keeping small humans warm.

In the afternoon Husband had to leave for some business-related emergency and I baked jalapenos wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pimento cheese and cream cheese.  If anyone’s interested, I’ll buy the ingredients again and do a video walk-through of how they can be prepared.  The “recipe” is one I got from my mother, who in turn got it from a friend (and if you’ve ever eaten the same type of meal twice prepared by me or my mother you’ll know why recipe is in quotes–a dash of this, a pinch of that, season to taste, and cook it til it’s done).

I want to apologize to anyone who reads this on Posterous. I’m really not used to how this site works yet (and didn’t exactly pay enough heed to the handy tutorials/FAQ/help/etc.), so I’ve got duplicate posts. Part of it is me trying to figure out how to email videos from my phone’s gmail to posterous. But most of it is because I imported heartchasms twice.  In my defense, I had forgotten I had scheduled entries in queue and so they published and I wanted to share them as a full entry rather than a link but I didn’t want to copy/paste the content…at any rate, they’re there and if you can ignore them we’ll all be okay.


I’ve tacked on another of my songs. I didn’t convert the file format this time; trying to see if posterous can handle it.

Apparently this is my podcast: itpc://

In addition, I’ve added a bunch of random images made in MS Paint.  I know I have a lot more on my computer, but I couldn’t find them all and they wouldn’t have all fit in a message anyway.

America’s Girl Pageant


My friend, Dena, is needing help to send her little girl to a pageant. It’s not a glitz and glam pageant (I’ll rant and rave about those some other time) and her daughter is excited about it. If you want to help her out, the link can get you to a store where up to 40% of your purchase will go towards her daughter.

Beating Off A Dead Horse

I get the Onion New Network’s weekly digest. I usually read them and sometimes share a link to facebook or somewhere. This picticulary entry made me laugh aloud, to my husband’s confusion. He’s trying to fall asleep on one of our couch’s built-in recliners because there’s an order for his company coming in soon.

Don’t forget to shop at husband’s store if you live in Fort Smith, AR. It has nothing to do with beating (off) a dead horse.



I love Lamebook.

What’s the difference between a duck?

Dr. Le Quack appears in several episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog:

Season 1: Episode 2: Part Two: “Dr. Le Quack, Amnesia Specialist”
Season 2: Episode 20: Part 1: “Nowhere TV”
Season 2: Episode 22: Part 2: “The Transplant”
Season 3: Episode 34: Part 1: “So In Louvre Are We Two”
Season 4: Episode 42: Part 1: “Le Quack Balloon”
Season 4: Episode 50: Part 2: “Ball of Revenge”.

In addition, ducks appear in:
Season 1: Episode 6: Part 1: “The Duck Brothers”
Season 1: Episode 10: Part 2: “The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling”.

Feel free to correct me if I’ve left out any duck-related episodes. All of these episodes originally aired between 1999 and 2002.

From 2004 to 2006 the off Broadway production Mimi le Duck ran. While the former apparently has nothing to do with the latter on the surface (who would think to compare a silly cartoon to an off Broadway musical production? Me? Oh yeah…), there are resemblances: the names of the housewives (Muriel Bagge and Miriam Golden) are similar; both productions involve ducks (Miriam’s paintings are duck themed, see above for Courage’s ducks); Miriam leaves her husband for Paris and Muriel (who should leave her husband) visits Paris in “So In Louvre Are We Two”.

I’m not saying that the writer of Mimi le Duck was in anyway encouraged to write the musical after watching this television series, but if she was it just proves that Diana Hansen-Young is exactly the kind of random-neuron-firing writer I’d like to draw inspiration from, and after reading her blog I’m convinced that this at least is true (even if she’s never even seen an episode of the cartoon). I regret that I never got to see her musical in production and have to rely on various bits and pieces of internet-based research. Wikipedia (if one can consider it reliable) says that the musical didn’t get decent reviews. This makes me wish I saw it all the more. I’m not intrinsically mainstream and might’ve loved it. The plot reads interesting:

Mimi le Duck, a new musical, follows Miriam, a discontented Mormon housewife from Ketchum, Idaho, who, in a moment of desperate inspiration (and a visit from the ghost of Ernest Hemingway), packs her bags and moves to Paris, leaving behind her husband and her career as a duck painter for QVC. It is as whimsical and unique as the city of Paris, populated by romance and intrigue, gypsy pickpockets, oyster shuckers, war veterans, failed artists and over-the-hill torch singers – and that ever-elusive green flash that gives us quite the guts to change our lives.

I also really love the music from the show that loops on the site.

Quality VS Quantity: My Blogging Dilemma

Because can auto-post to all of my sites, I can blog more than once a day (as opposed to once a day, or week, or month or even less often, as I was doing when I had to post to all of my sites manually).

Reasons Blogging Often is Good

  • more content = more readers = more exposure;
  • if the above is true, perhaps more people that need to read my writing will find it (editors, producers, other writers, people who can benefit from my writing, etc.);
  • the more people who read my content, the more feed back I get, and the more feedback I get the more I can improve my writing.

Reasons Blogging Often is Bad

  • I risk “flooding” my audience with content;
  • I could potentially run out of ideas really quickly (yeah, okay, not likely…);
  • people might get annoyed by too many posts;
  • I might not be posting quality work if I’m posting too often.

I suppose it’s a balance that I’ll have to find a way to reach. Before I discovered Posterous, though, I was posting various though-blurbs to Twitter and to facebook, so my friends/followers were already getting inundated with more than just a daily-dose of my brand of crazy; perhaps they’ll appreciate having the option of not reading what I write, while my loyal, faithful, coming-back-time-after-time readers will appreciate hearing from me more often. I could still limit my posting to once a day if I just keep a draft in my email inbox and keep opening it and typing all of my random neuron firings until I get to the end of a day and then organize it into coherent thought and hit send. It’ll be hard to not press the red button though…(okay, technically it’s a greyish button).

My love of obscure things pays off (well, not literally…).

Bonus points, boys and girls, if you can find a word that means “love of obscure things”.

Amazon accepted my suggestion for correcting their listing for Taxes Are Stealing. If you don’t know what that is then you’ve obviously never listened to Corporate Avenger. Amazon had this first album listed as a single because there is a song by the same name on a later album. Corporate Avenger did this album as a sort of self-published type thing, so it’s more obscure than the rest of their work. I quoted a song from this album in one of my blog entries at one point, and it was when searching Amazon’s listings for my Amazon Associates widget that I discovered the error in the listing. Amazon allows users to correct changes if they can submit proof of some kind, so I submitted the album cover, the track listings, and another website that sold it as a whole album. I got the noreply email saying that they had changed the listing and it’s nerdy that I smiled and was proud of myself.

My Latest Geek-Love Distraction

I discovered this site through a followee’s lists: You can create self-updating lists for Twitter through this site. This is a good thing because it helps you keep track of the people you follow and are followed by through automatically sorting them into categories you’ve set, which in turn allows you to only look at the latest tweets of the people in the set category. If you have a huge number of followers or followees, you don’t have to deal with the tedium of manually sorting them into categories. It’s completely free.

Plugging My Husband’s Business Again

He’s planning on having a Cosplay event sometime in the near future and in the further future there’s talk of hosting an anime convention in Fort Smith. If possible, the store would also have representatives at the following anime conventions:

  • Arkansas Anime Festival (Bentonville, AR), March 5-6, 2011
  • Tiger Con (Memphis, TN) May 13-15, 2011
  • Otaku Central ChibiCon (Nixa, MO) May 28-29, 2011
  • Anime Blues Con (Memphis, TN) July 8-10, 2011
  • Tokyo in Tulsa (OK), July 15-17, 2011
  • Izumicon (Midwest City, OK), November 11-13, 2011

Tagging In Posterous

I didn’t read the FAQs properly and have been setting up tags incorrectly. I am supposed to put ((Tag: thing I want to tag)) but I’m supposed to put that in the subject line. I’m feeling lazy right now, so I’m not going to manually tag my posts on the various sites (including Posterous) that weren’t tagged properly (at least not just yet), but from now on I’ll try to remember to do the tags correctly.

Dinner Plans

Tonight, I’m going to make semi-homemade pizza for dinner. Monday night I made steak. Last night I didn’t make anything at all because I was sleeping on the couch with Luna (Freya was in her bed). I want to put the family on a routine, schedule times for meals and plan ahead what they’ll be. In practice, though, I’ve been mostly tossing things together at the last minute, with the meal right before Husband goes to work five nights a week being the only consistently scheduled mealtime (although, even as such, it still doesn’t happen every one of those five nights each week).

During the day we usually graze through leftovers and quick-fix processed foods (or I forget altogether to eat a thing, though the girls remain fed), leaving us improperly nourished (I won’t say malnourished because that calls to mind anorexics and starving children in “third-world” countries with concave stomachs).

We have a grocery budget I must stick to every month, but there is usually some disagreement over what the money should be spent on and neither of us can fully agree. Planning ahead might ease these issues, but we’d have to sit down as a family to make those decisions (taking Luna’s suggestions of such things as “peanut butter an’ cheese-on-the-bwead wif maydaze an’ cheese an’ ketchup an’ cheese” into consideration if altogether ignoring them in the end, lol).

Off To The Races

I’m going to hit “send” now; see what Luna’s getting into; make Freya a bottle; re-stack the mountain of dirty dishes; put away the clean dishes; clean the counter tops; start another load of laundry; prep the pizzas and get them in the oven; wash those dishes; start a new load of laundry; walk the house for debris and gather it all in a central location (i.e. the “guest room”); vacuum the carpets and couches; iron, fold, and put away the clean laundry; send my husband off to work; give the girls their baths and tuck them into bed; check the message boards for my graduate classes and answer anything I haven’t read; get caught up on my textbook reading; check the local library’s website for books relevant to the four essays I have to write; work on my annotated bibliography; mop the kitchen floor; take a thorough shower; read some more of the latest book I need to review; check my emails, blogs, and social networking sites; probably micturate a bunch of times; and try to sleep at some point.

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