Loss, Celebration, Contemplation, And A Few Shoutouts

 Baby Loss

I keep seeing posts similar to this generated status update on my friends’ facebook walls.  I understand the sentiment, but no amount of copy/pasting is going to treat, prevent, or cure whatever causes people to lose babies (and there are far too many causes anyway).

As I mention in my imaginary reply in the image:

Baby loss isn’t taboo. People talk about it all the time, on furms and blogs devoted to the subject, or when we’re among friends and family who understand and sympathize. Most of us don’t see the need to rehash the subject through copy/paste status updates that don’t hold any feeling or substance. I feel bad that you’ve lost a child; I can’t imagine the pain of birthing a child and watching them die or of stillbirthing. My three miscarriages were physically and emotionally painful, but I never held the babies in my arms or gave them names.

I admit, I’m guilty of doing the occasional copy/paste status.  Usually it’s when something’s too fun or funny to resist.  I have reposted a cause on at least one occasion, a status update about spousal abuse being wrong, but I removed all of the references to people not caring if they didn’t repost.

A friend of mine posted a rant about cause status updates, about how he could kind of figure what you were and were not for and against, without reading it in a status update that insinuates people who don’t do the copying and pasting are wrong or evil.  He worded it a lot better than that.

I hate that I had miscarriages; I feel like Luna and Freya are miracles.  Every day that we all wake up is a miracle.  I mourn the losses of my other babies, and I am not ashamed to share my story to those that want or need to discuss such things. But I don’t force my facebook friends to read about it their newsfeeds (unless they happen to have “liked” my blog’s fan page).

Hidden Mahala

I want to give a shout out for this awesome blog I just read!

Automation Gets Me Moist…

Even though I usually only post on entry on my heartchasms, I just had to try out this new thing that’s got my nerdy little heart all aflutter just in time for Valentine’s day (okay, so by the time actually post this it’ll be the day after Valentine’s day, but what evs).

While researching an article on cross-posting and syncing (that will hopefully be published as a guest-post to another person’s blog with link backs and creds), I came across Posterous.com.  I don’t know why I’d never heard of it before, but it set me on a two-and-half-day long manic phase of setting up an account on the site and creating accounts on other blogging and social networking sites.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

What is Posterous?  I’m glad I imagined that you’d asked.
Posterous is one of my new gods. (Sorry Google, but in all fairness I’ve never been much for monotheology anyway, so welcome this new fellow to the pantheon!)  Basically, it’s an auto-posting site, but it’s not served up with a side of getting-reported-for-spam.  All you need to make Posterous work is an email client.  Whether you create an account with them or not, you can still use emails to get things posted, but if you create an account, Posterous will be able to host all of your information and media and let you keep track of it.  They can explain it better than I can, so get on over there and read the FAQ (after you’ve finished reading this post, of course).
Now, for several years I have been a loyal Blogger.com user, hosting my longest-running personal blog—Healing The Chasms In My Heart—there.  This has worked out just fine for me, and I don’t intend to take the blog down or stop posting there (after all, these chasms will really never go away completely).
So you may be thinking, what’s the point of carbon-copying your blog to various different sites?
Since I’ve been trying to get myself out there as a writer through syndication, I saw Posterous as an excellent syndication opportunity.  Rather than wasting time with RSS Feeds or HTML coding, I can get my blog entries posted to my original blog, as well as to several other blog-hosting sites, and Posterous will notify my social-networking sites that I’ve posted a new entry.
From what I understand, the link will take users to the Posterous version of my blog.  However, there’s no reason I can’t provide links in my entries back to other versions.  Plus, not everyone browses blogs on the same sites.  Some people are loyal to a specific blog site and refuse to read blogs on other sites.  And my blogs aren’t exactly going to be carbon-copied.
First, there are different types of blogs: microblogs and linklogs share content with a focus on minimalism (Twitter and Digg); vlogs and photoblogs share visual media; blogs like WordPress and Blogger can have all of the above, but the main focus is usually on text content.  There are other types of blogs as well, but I don’t deal with them.
Posterous supports email attachments of .doc, .ppt, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .png, .mp3, .avi, and .mpg, but according to their FAQ page, “You can attach any type of file and we’ll post it along with the text of your email.[…]We’ll do smarter things for photos, audio files and links, documents and video (both links AND files). [This is] just a sample of what we support.”
In an effort to test their claims (and have a nerdgasm), I did not imbed any media into the body of this email.  Instead, I attached it all.  So the final layout of this entry is a surprise to me as well as to you loyal (or new) readers.  The media I included was a .docx list of my blogs, a .jpg of my hand on the keys of my old laptop (that’s going to be on the cover of a book I’m working on), a .ppt about some words I studied in my Shakespeare course at UAFS, a .pdf about dork-love, a .png of some of my profiles I made with the Snipping Tool and Paint, a .gif of one of my Spore creatures, an .mp3 of me reciting one of my poems, an .avi of Luna kicking when she was in utero, and an .mpeg of a movie that my brother made like six years ago using Movie Maker.
Posterous promises to automatically stick the attached content into the entry, but the entry will look different on the specialty blogs I’ve mentioned.  For instance, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel (which, if you do, I’m sorry the most recent post before tonight was four years ago!), then you’ll only see the video media I’ve posted.
Second, each site has its own unique features that I’d like to take advantage of when I’m not pressed for time—I know I’m not pressed for time tonight, but I’m experimenting!  But say I post my entry to Posterous via email, which in turn gets it posted to my other blogs, and then later when the girls are in bed and I’ve done all of my chores and all of my homework I suddenly get the urge to sign into all of the sites.  On WordPress, I can take advantage of their auto-tagging, auto-linking, and auto-related-posts (as well as their advanced editing features, categorization, and instant access to public domain images).  On Blogger I can imbed affiliate content.  I can share some of my blogs to Digg and StumbleUpon (linklogs not supported by Posterous—yet!).
Posterous also has the advantage of being able to inspiration-blog from anywhere on the internet.  Suppose StumbleUpon shows me an interesting site or I have fun fooling around with the “random article” function on Wikipedia and I come across something interesting.  I can share it to Posterous with added information or a little blurb, and it is suddenly posted as a blog entry to all of my blogs.
Posterous is also set up in such a way that I don’t HAVE to share to every site.  I could, for example, send an email to Twitter+identica+Plurk+Jaiku@posterous.com and type my little 140 character blurb—voila!—all my microblogs have the same content but none of the other blogs have it.  Another example, some of my blogs are heartchasms and others are not: #heartchasms@posterous.com will send content only to blogs with that in the blog URL.
I am giving these people a free endorsement for their free site because I’ve soaked my nerdy panties just thinking of all of the possibilities.  I have a smart phone.  I could auto-share things from my phone to Posterous to all of my blogs!  Yes, I fell out of the nerd tree into the geek pond, climbed out of that and tripped on a dork stick.  Don’t judge me!
I am excited to see what this entry looks like post-publication.  I’ll have to break character (or would it be knocking down the fourth wall?) and comment on my own blog entr(y/ies) when the post publishes.

Posterous: Problems So Far

  • My videos get named after my post.
  • For some reason, all of my blogs were one continuous hyperlink I had to manually break.
  • All the media is stuck at the end of the post, so I had to drag it around to better places (only did this for Blogger and one other I think).

Random Thought

I totally forgot that I’d created a YouTube Channel in 2006.  I’m just now figuring out how to add those cool little in-video notes and thought bubbles and such.

Yule 2010

I know I am late posting these, but here are the vids of Luna opening her gifts. My apologies to Samantha: I forgot to record her opening your gifts when they arrived. I totally forgot to post these vids sooner. Luna opens her gifts. My apologies to Samantha–I never did remember to film her opening yours.

Inspirational songs for this post:

Sarah McLachlan–In the arms of an angel fly away from here, from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear. You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie. You’re in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort there.

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