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This seems to be the year for small businesses, at least among my friends and family.  The other day I blogged about my husband’s business.  Being that I was sleep-deprived at the time, I probably didn’t do him justice and so intend to revisit the topic in a later entry.  Because I’d like to give credit to the talents and endeavors of all the people in my life who are trying to give the small business world a go, I decided to blog this time about my friend Dena and her sister Emmy.  Their small business is located sur le internet (see the enclosed links).  They create clothing, tutus, and hairbows for little girls.  According to their website, “Everything is handmade or handpicked by us and if we wouldn’t put it on our own children, we won’t sell it to you!”

I haven’t tried their merchandise yet, but they’ve made some beautiful bows thus far, such as the one pictured here.

Right now, their site features bows and corkers–pretty curled-ribbon creations–but don’t be fooled by the sparseness of their current inventory; these ladies aim to create!  I’ve seen lots of online sewing and crafting stores take off, and I’m rooting for these gals to join that club.  You can order directly off of their website using PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

If my older daughter respected “haiw dillees” better or my younger daughter had enough hair, I’d be tempted to order some of their inventory already, but soon they’ll have lots of other stuff besides hair accessories.

They’re not paying me for this endorsement (although I wouldn’t mind some free merch…).  I offered to gush about them and their work cause I’m anticipating they’ll produce many quality items in the future, and I’m all for supporting people in their endeavors (by the way, if you have a small business you’d like me to discuss, don’t hesitate to discuss it with me).

Dixie Chicks–Two days past eighteen he was waiting for the bus in his army green, sat down in a booth in a cafe there, gave his order to a girl with a bow in her hair.

View the full blog at heartchasms.blogspot.com and like the blog on Facebook.

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