My Husband’s Business

I need to brag about my husband. He wanted to start a business with two friends. He wanted a store that would sell merchandise pertaining to Japanese anime, as that is one of his passions.Well…he did it! They went around town looking at possible locations, found one, rented it out, fixed it up, stocked it with Merchandise, and opened last Friday! And guess what? That day Fort Smith, Arkansas experienced a blizzard of sorts…yet he sold almost $300 worth of merchandise! Anime fans are fanatical apparently…

But I’m proud of him and (to a lesser extent) his friends for getting this business up and running. Click the link below the first pic. Like their facebook page. And if you happen to reside in the greater Fort Smith area, stop by his store and buy some stuff.

Merchandise will be ordered weekly and special orders for customers are totally fine. I already contributed a whopping $3.28 of my own money to buy a Japanese soda because I’d never tried it before.

They have future plans to host cosplay events (if you don’t know what that is, Google it!) and really want to help host an anime convention in Fort Smith (the nearest conventions take place 1.5hrs north in Fayetteville).

View the full blog at and like the blog on Facebook.

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