Hitting the Books…Eventually

My husband is a wonderful lover and a thoughtful romantic.  He’s also an asshole.  It really depends on his mood.  And, really, I’m okay with that most of the time.  But sometimes…

The recent issue was my textbooks for graduate school.

We fight about money on a ridiculous basis; when he has it, I can’t have it.  When I have it, he feels entitled to it.

One of the reasons I was able to enroll was that I knew I’d be getting financial aid of some sort.  I figured that would cover the textbooks.

The thing is, I hadn’t originally planned on going to this particular graduate school.  There is nothing wrong with the school, it just hadn’t come up on my radar until recently when a friend suggested it to me.  I also hadn’t been preparing myself for grad school anywhere; I didn’t do my fafsa until January 11th.

So when I got a chance to enroll, I was behind on paperwork from the get go.

But it is ridiculous how long it is taking them to process my paperwork now.  I am trying to be a patient and understanding student.  I am trying to shoulder all of the blame.  But the slow processing has delayed my purchasing of textbooks.  I need textbooks.  I am behind in three courses, three graduate level courses!

Husband refused to spend OUR tax return money on my textbooks because the business he is starting with his friends (his dream) is more important than my education (my dream).  So I started talking to friends about the money.  I posted a status on facebook asking to borrow money against the student loans I know I will be getting soon.

My life has always been an open book.  I’ve been known to talk to strangers on a Greyhound about my problems and perils and my hopes and dreams.

I want to be able to post on my blog and facebook and Twitter and wherever else that my husband is totally awesome all the time.  I know that is not realistic.  But would it really kill him to be supportive of my education?

I was fortunate enough to have the books for one of my three courses purchased for me by a relative; will pay them back when my check comes in, but at least I can do assignments for one of the three courses.

Lady Sovereign–Now love me or hate me, its still an obsession.  Love me or hate me, that is the question.  If you love me then thank you!  If you hate me f*** you!

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