A little birdie told me (and you and her and that guy over there and the dude with the hair and the guy on the shelf and there was this monkey, right?)

I recently discovered Twitter.

I had successfully avoided the temptation of joining yet another social networking site up until I came to the recent conclusion that the only way I was going to get myself known and out there as a blogger, a freelancer, a poet, et cetera, was to start marketing myself.  Not to point of spamming, of course, but I created those facebook pages for my freelancing and this blog.  I created accounts on a several bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon so that I could share the blog.  I created accounts on numerous freelancing websites to get my name out there and find work, even if it was at low low prices at first.  I started monetizing this blog through various means.

Twitter, I thought, was just a glorified version of my facebook status updates, with no other content.  I hadn’t realized the benefits of the site.

  • I can tweet weblinks and the URL gets auto-shortened if I use a share button (the same thing can be accomplished with the website tinyurl.com, but I’ve never tried that site either; from what I understand, though, you still have to copy and paste it).
  • When I want to post images up, it basically creates a unique URL for that image so the feed on Twitter isn’t cluttered.
  • You are not automatically “friends” with people if they add you, but you don’t have to confirm them either.  People “follow” each other.  You could have thousands of potential followers but follow no one.  Not that that would be any fun or make sense…
  • It is so easy to link/tag people and topics in your posts.  Unlike facebook, there’s no need to join pages and groups just to link them.  You can even link people that you don’t follow and who aren’t following you.  Messaging can be private or public, but it’s not like a chatroom or an IM.  You’re having conversations in status updates, which is annoying on facebook, but somehow not annoying on Twitter.

There’s probably a lot of stuff I’m leaving out as far as pros go, and I’m sure there are plenty of cons (the fact that spammers have so much fun on there merchandise is even sold to help people spam on Twitter, for example), but I’m really loving the site.

I decided one of the ways I could get my name out there was to participate in what are called “Twitter Trends (TT).”  These are popular words or phrases that come up in peoples tweets.  It’s slightly more complicated than that (or perhaps less), but I’m not good at tutoring people on the use of social networking media.  Suffice to say that if I participate in a trend then my name pops up when others are looking at that trend, assuming I’m not buried by the millions of other people trying to join the in crowd.  I also sometimes “retweet (RT)” (repost for those familiar with facebook lingo) things that others have tweeted, but only if I share the sentiment or want to discuss it with them/other people.

But, not being one to constantly strive for popularity and sheepiness, I do put up my own unique thoughts and ideas on a regular basis.

Today, my dear faithful loyal readers numbering well into the tens, you have the privilege of reading about everything I tweeted about today in the following paragraphs.  Aren’t you happy?  Look at you, you’re jumping for joy.  Be careful; that floor’s not as sturdy as you might think…

  1. I do not watch #americanidol.
  2. Never call out the wrong name. #sextip
  3. Trying so hard not to laugh at my preschooler throwing a fit about cleaning her room. #kids
  4. As a kid I longed for a #snowday. Now they’re an inconvenience. 🙂
  5. Your wife is not a child. You do not “allow” or “order” her to do anything. You suggest and she considers your suggestion. #rulesformen
  6. #whatifi try my best and fail miserably? Well, the journey was fun anyway.
  7. Ambre Jane williams–An artist is never ahead of his time but most people are far behind theirs!
  8. No veo un problema con #bandascomerciales, aunque también me encanta bandas underground. Para cada uno la suya.
  9. #stuffthatpissmeoff? Just because we’re microblogging doesn’t mean we need a TT hashtag that is a grammatically incorrect sentence…
  10. I just added Twitter to my Lifestream. Check out my page. http://aol.it/fXaZks
  11. Avg starting wages for BA in English = $37,800yr; Average starting wages for a retail sales associate = $14,611.20; need I say more…?
  12. I couldn’t possibly care any less about #shaqallstarweekend but I loved him in Scary Movie 4. 😛
  13. Bigotry, lying, fashion police #thingsthatpissmeoff
  14. Demetri Martin–Today’s drawing. #demetrimARTin >>> http://say.ly/zgd6XN
  15. If you’ve tried to IM me in in the last hour or so, I wasn’t ignoring you. I went to cook dinner and Luna put my comp on a death screen.
  16. Objects, forceful hand penetration; there’s lots of horrible things people can do to each other. @Geometry4Flocka #BeyondScaredStraight
  17. Sarah Silverman–Be the adult you dream your child might grow up to be. (right?)
  18. I was wondering the same thing. RT @krazim Why we saying “Goooooodbye KOREA”? Did someone died?
  19. My girls won’t go to bed. I think the baby is teething, but the 3yo is just being ornery.
  20. Funny Or Die–Jersey Shore stole the fist pump from Arsenio Hall. This is Elvis ripping off Chuck Berry all over again.
  21. Beeftrain Incident–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Dead Birds and The Crow http://bit.ly/i24dD2 @nationallampoon

I thought about explaining the above in appended paragraphs, but decided that my Twitter followers (and facebook friends thanks to a sync app) had and needed no explanation.  If you do need one, though, feel free to say so.

Evelyn Knight–A little bird told me that you love me, and I believe that you do. This little bird told me I was fallin’, fallin’ for no one but you.

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