Reading and Righting

A Torrential Memory: Writing in the New Age (or, Dance with the Snake C…: “This year is already shaping up to be a good one. Ophiucus joins the zodiac (laughter in the wings at the concept of astrology being updated…”

A fellow blogger wrote the above entry about writing (among other things). You should read it.

Anyway, I have been trying to work on my writing.  I found opportunities for self-publishing that I really want to look into when I have the money.  I think writing is like any business venture; sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  In my case, I want to order the proofs and then a printed copy of my books; that’s all it takes at CreateSpace.

The proof is a small amount of money (in the case of one of my intended books, just five dollars) and then the shipping and handling.  Once you’ve gotten it in the mail, you are supposed to read through it and check that everything is how you want it to be.  I’m familiar with that process thanks to my work on campus magazines.  If I approved the proof or if they made changes I wanted and then I approved it, then the final printed copy is only a couple of bucks.

The beauty of self-publishing through a company such as CreateSpace is that the book (or CD or DVD or such) is published one copy at a time.  The ISBN is real and everything, but thousands of copies aren’t printed, just ordered copies.  You can pay additional membership fees to the site and they’ll market the book for you in different ways to different venues, but mainly you would sell your book through your own site, through, and through CreateSpace’s site.

I am really liking this idea.  I could invest a small amount of money into publishing the books that have been gestating in my mind thus far.  I could then post the books for sale on my blog.  My friends, family, and the handful of readers I have on here could then have the option of purchasing the books (although, I cannot really require it, short of mind-control devices).

But for all points and purposes, even if I was the only one with a printed copy, I would still be a published author.  I would have a real set of ISBNs for my books.  I could direct people to my books on Amazon.  If I paid the membership fee, then my books could be at bookstores and libraries and institutions of learning.

Is there a stigma associated with self-publishing?  Sure.  Should I let that bother me?  I think not.

I could go the traditional route.  I could print up manuscripts of the books that I want to have published and I could send said manuscripts to various publishers around the country and I could check my mailbox daily for that coveted acceptance letter and I could get all emo every time I got a computer generated rejection letter.  In doing all of that, I would have spent time and money (paper and ink and postage for manuscripts ain’t cheap!).  Maybe all that hard work would eventually pay off and I could pat myself on the back for a job well done, or maybe it wouldn’t pay off and I’ve have been on a self-esteem roller-coaster with a mostly perpetual downward plunge.

Or I could go the self-publishing route.  I could pay a few fees here and there.  I could have instant acceptance for publishing (the only thing CreateSpace won’t do is hard core pornography type stuff or anything that’s going to cause them legal trouble).  I would be instantly proud to see a book with my name on it listed on, which is a pretty widely known retail market.  I would be able to link the books to the blog right away, so if people just can’t get enough of my rants and ramblings they could purchase the books.

Both options give me the same end result.  A published book and the potential for royalties.  Potential.  No one can guarantee me that my book will sell, whether I find a traditional publisher or not.  And more than just a few widely known authors got their start self-publishing, most of them after getting repeatedly frustrated by the submission-rejection-submission-rejection-submission-rejection S&M game that is traditional publishing.

Brief off topic interlude: I put S&M into my Amazon Associates searchbox; it’s first ten suggestions were this kindle book, this DVD, this garment, this novel, this electronic device, this text, this DVD set, this garment, this electronic device, and this novel, which all put together would make on wild night of…well…reading and laughing and looking for the breaker box in that dark basement because the power went out because you were watching DVDs in several rooms at once and now you’re mad because the baby is crying upstairs and the basement is cold so the shirt you’re wearing isn’t enough clothing and then you decide to just give up on the breaker box because your fancy flashlight is too fancy for breaker boxes so then you go upstairs and try to use your Kindle to read cause it’s got that backlight on the screen but then you accidentally drop it which causes you to shout random not nice words and that just happens to be when the power comes back on.  Or something like that…

What was I mumbling about?

Oh yeah, self-publishing.  I gotta get right on that…

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