An Accomplish-Nothing Day

Today was just an accomplish-nothing day.  Freya woke me for a feeding about an hour after I got to bed, which was only about three or four in the morning.  She was pretty much feeding on and off for the rest of the morning until husband called me around nine or so asking me to check the mail and was annoyed that I’d not gotten out of bed.

I threw on an oversized men’s t-shirt and a large pair of men’s shorts (both in my wardrobe as part of some hand-me-downs I’d gotten at some point) and ran down the slope of the front yard to the mailbox.  Surprise!–it was empty.

I texted, “No mail” to husband and went back to my warm bed, with Freya tucked snugly into her Pack ‘N’ Play where I’d put her before heading outside.

Within an hour, Luna came pattering into the bedroom.  I tried to convince her to snuggle under the warm covers without talking loudly–I didn’t want to wake Freya.  Luna had other plans and kept getting up and wandering around.

Luna’s carrot.

When husband got home, he was incensed by my laziness and told me he was heading straight to bed and needed me to get up.  I begrudgingly obliged, pulling Freya’s Pack’N’Play into the livingroom before looking around the kitchen for something to feed Luna.  I settled on Honey Bunches of Oats and one of the peanut butter cookies from last night’s botched batch (I believe the batch was botched because I did not add enough sugar).

I’ve spent most of the day wasting time on Twitter, because has become fun to see if anyone is even reading my tweets.  And the funny thing is, I have more followers on Twitter than I do on this blog.

This afternoon, Luna and I enjoyed a snack of carrots and ranch dressing.  Luna kept putting her carrots on the couch.  We’ve had this couch for just one year and it already looks well-used.

I’ve watched some TV, like this episode of Wife Swap where one family is obsessed with 2012 survival training.

I was worried yesterday that perhaps my milk was drying up, but today my shirt got wet, so I think Freya’s beverage is still on tap.

In a few minutes I will cook dinner and wash some dishes, followed by the eating of said dinner and perhaps waking my husband up for some fun, that is if the girls stay asleep.  Luna’s currently using my right upper arm as a pillow and Freya’s in her Pack ‘N’ Play.

I do not have my financial aid taken care of for grad school yet, but they said it could take a couple of more days.  Apparently my stuff went to the spam folder so I had to resend it this afternoon.  A friend of mine who is attending the same grad school is also having finaid difficulties, but she turned her stuff in a lot sooner and has been on top of them daily, yet they still aren’t finished processing for her, which doesn’t bode well for me, being a last-minute person.

Still, my decision to take a leap of faith as it were and jump into this grad school at the last minute without any sort of safety net gave me a natural high.  It felt good doing something spontaneous that would be beneficial to me in the long run.

Aerosmith–Dream until your dream comes true.

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2 thoughts on “An Accomplish-Nothing Day

  1. As an alum of the school of standing on your head (and a graduate of the playing to lose academy), I believe that a lot of the spontaneity in life is what makes it worth living. Set your sails and let the winds take you across the ocean. When the storms hit, weather them. When you see the sea monsters, don’t worry about them: often they end up teaching you valuable lessons when you figure out how to co-exist with them.And when you hit a brick wall, just look at it like a hurdle. You know what to do with a hurdle, right? 🙂 Just do your best, and everything will turn out as it should turn out. Live and learn, and always remember to be grateful for what you have. Good luck with school this semester, and congratulations on making it this far!

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