Behind the Couch

I stayed up waaay too late last night, so when husband got home and went to bed I just stayed in bed.  Eventually, though, Freya wanted to be out of bed so she and I got up.  That’s when I found Luna sleeping on the couch.


But the damage was done so I just tickled her awake.

Luna and Freya had their first communal bath today, with my constant supervision and holding onto Freya the whole time.

I got a late start today, but on the plus side my couch has been cleaned under and behind.  I got tired of hearing an odd noise every time I closed my recliner; turns out an empty water bottle was wedged beneath my favorite end of the couch.  Other interesting finds were various toys of Lunas, cereal, hair dillies, one of Freya’s onesies, a flipflop, and a dime.

Because my husband likes to keep the heater low or the AC high, it is usually cold in my house, but with addition of winter chills, I can’t concentrate.

While husband was out working on setting up his business, Luna jumped off the couch trying to land on her ball and she succeeded…but it rolled and she banged her head on the floor.  After she stopped crying and said she wouldn’t do it again, I wished I’d caught it on video. That so would’ve got us some money!

In spite of my late start and my mommy-and-wife-duties taking precedence, I did manage to get a slight bit of writing done.  We shall see how this goes.

Talib Kweli–I love it when you freaky.  I love when you a lady, rockin’ door knockers from the late 80s, raisin’ babies.  I love her; god bless you.  Your body somethin’ special.  I love to play connect the dots with your facial freckles.  No need for fashion policin’ because I love your style.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Couch

  1. @Whitney:I hope not! Next time she might not be so lucky. Then again, we do try to teach children to get back up and try again when things go wrong. But I don’t want to deal with the first (or subsequent) broken bones on my babies. I’d rather them just stay healthy forever. Can they do that?

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