Dieting, Deism, Disingenuousness, and Die Loggia Dei Lanzi Zu Florenz.

Die Loggia Dei Lanzi Zu Florenz:

Die Loggia Dei Lanzi Zu Florenz: Eine Quellenkritische Untersuchung is the title of an 1885 book by Carl Frey, only relevant here because: a) it is written in German and I’ve always wanted to learn the language; b) it is about a famous landmark I’d like to visit someday; c) the first and third words of the title share starting sounds with the first and second words of the blog title and I’m a word nerd!; and d) I will soon be adding book reviews to this blog.

Quotable Chesterton

I requested my first book from The Quotable Chesterton The Wit and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton by Kevin Belmonte. As soon as it arrives and I’ve read it I’ll post the review on this blog. The cool thing about Booksneeze is you get paid in books, but they don’t require a positive review. You get the book first, read it, and then review it. Then you get another book. Lather, rinse, repeat. My entry format will be different when I’m reviewing their books, because I have to meet their guidelines to a certain point.

As it turns out, all of the books on Booksneeze are “inspirational” to a certain degree, although they fall under various other categories as well.  The site is somewhat misleading in that regard, but I think it can be forgiven.  A free book is, after all, free, and one should never turn down free stuff.  Well, let’s not say never…I wouldn’t want free shit in the literal sense, nor would I want, say, a free ticket to “ride” on a guillotine.  But, in many cases, free is a good thing, so you don’t complain about the free thing you’re getting.  And–who knows?–maybe I’ll enjoy those “inspirational” books, even if I don’t buy into their brand of deism.

In other news, this morning, Luna wanted “no” for breakfast. I posed the following question to my facebook friends:

Should I make N and O pancakes? Should I make N and O cheesy bread? Should I painstakingly slice into cornflakes til they all resemble Ns and then add Cheerios?

One friend said:

pancake idea may be a little easier!

Another said:

I’d go for the pancake idea too. Sounds ALOT easier

Then the first friend said:

I personally would hate to even try the cornflake thing

Luna ended up getting last night’s five leftover hot dogs with cheese and the last three slices of bread cause her mommy redeemed only four of the six WIC vouchers yesterday, forgetting that we needed bread. And given the “fun” in redeeming vouchers while carting around small children, I’ll take a rain check on returning to the store anytime in the next week. She eats cheese-on-the-bwead way too much anyway.  I know we have pancake mix somewhere around here but I’m not in the mood to search for it.

I had pink grapefruit for breakfast. No, I’m not on a diet or anything. I just happen to like grapefruit (giggles and commentary on how much I really do need to diet expected). Although, to be fair to dieters, it really isn’t a diet food when you sprinkle a couple tablespoons of sugar over the top of each half.

While my body may need to lose weight, my mind needs to gain it, in the form of knowledge that is, because knowing is half the battle!  While I still stand by my decision to avoid mainstream media, thus avoiding unnecessary depression about world affairs, I come across “news” through my facebook news feed, late-night television, and other people’s blog postings.  My strategy is to read these things, and then, if the topic interests me enough, to go on a search for more information (and, in some cases, more reliable information).

Yesterday, I had mentioned how the Tony Alamo cult put fliers on my car.  I hadn’t felt like doing much research into the subject, but I knew I’d heard something about them being pedophilic.  They put three of their newsletters folded together under my windsheild wipers.  I really hadn’t given those papers much of a look, but Luna started playing with them last night; I ended up throwing them away, but not before giving them more than a cursory glance.

The newsletters contain Alamo’s sermons, Bible quotes, and information about the community and its efforts.  Pretty standard stuff for any church newsletter, I suppose, unless you consider that Alamo was sentenced to 175 years in prison “on 10 counts of interstate transportation of minors for illegal sexual purposes, rape, sexual assault, and contributing to the delinquency of minors.”  He was, apparently, also a practicing polygamy, with one of his wives being an 8-year-old girl.

Wait…back up for a moment.  This guy was sentenced to prison for doing horrible things to children, and yet people are still following him?  I’m not a Christian; however, were I a Christian, I wouldn’t join a pedophilic cult.  That was worded wrong.  I wouldn’t join a pedophilic group for any reason.

A friend of mine stated that the Alamo folk aren’t Christian either.  Well, they claim to be.  If you are a Christian, you ought to be irate that groups like this are making your particular brand of deism look bad.

I don’t have issues with polygamy though, which was one of the things the cult was in trouble for; all parties consenting, Adam can marry Eve and Ava, or Eve can marry Ava, or Adam can marry Steve, or Steve and Eve and Ava and Adam can marry each other, or they can all just gather on the weekends for orgies.

But pedophilia should be punishable by slow and torturous death

I love prison justice, though; if the general population finds out about a pedophile, they tend to work him over.  Unfortunately, our country doesn’t make heavy sex offenders stay in prison all the time.  In many states there are harsher punishments for drug crimes!

As my loyal fan base (numbering in the tens!) has intimate knowledge of, I have a particular disdain for crimes against children.  While my childhood was quite mild compared to some of the horror cases I’ve heard, I still went through a bunch of crap no child should ever have to endure.  Which is why I’m probably going to be overprotective of my little girls.  But, hey, I came out okay.  I graduated from college and my life isn’t a shitbox.

Yesterday, I overheard husband telling Arvest that our small business would have the combined experience and expertise of him, me, and his two friends and business partners: David and Danny.  That much is true, but I realized he didn’t know anything about my college education when he told the lady I had two degrees and one of them was in business…

Here is an illustration of what I’d actually said versus what he heard:

I have a Baccalaureate of Arts degree with two majors and a minor.  I was disappointed that double majoring did not lead to two separate degrees.  One of my majors is in English and the other is in Rhetoric and Writing.  My minor is in Creative Writing.  In many ways, the Rhetoric and Writing major is comparable to and competitive with persons who have Business degrees.

So, my husband, like many men (a friend pointed out), doesn’t hear all of the words that come out of my mouth.  Perhaps I should start taking the advice of a comedian (don’t ask me which one cause my mind’s drawing a blank) who said women should talk as if the battery is about to die on their cell phones and frontload the conversation with the most important words.  But would even those be heard?  And does it even matter?

I mean, so what if he doesn’t always listen to every word that comes out of my mouth.  I’m sure he says the same about me at times.  If I’m deeply engaged in writing, for example, my ears don’t work as well.  It’s a character flaw that can be a good thing when trying to meet a deadline, but a horrible thing when trying to appease a spouse.  No matter, though.  He is pursuing his dream of owning his own anime shop, and I’m pursuing my dreams of being a writer and of obtaining graduate degrees.  I’m sure, when money comes rolling in, we won’t be so inclined to be snippy with one another, if for no other reason than we can finally afford to spend one of our most preciously budgeted commodities: time.

To that end, I applied to Constant Content, Textbroker, and today. has options to be a contributor and to be a guide.  I went ahead and started to fill out a guide application to be a facebook guide, because husband swears I am on facebook 24/7.  IF I had made it through the screening and training processes, it would have been about $500-$675 a month, assuming I met all guidelines and regulations continuously.  $500 a month is less than I’ve made at part time jobs, but there’s no law against writing for several places, so long as I don’t cross-post things without all parties consenting.

I didn’t continue the guide application, though.  A friend was cautioning me on the work load that would have been involved (daily blogging through on the topic, as well as additional articles on demand and other projects).  I tried to shake off the “it’ll be too hard” voice in my own head by telling her that I’d already thought it through and could handle it.  But, when I couldn’t even come up with a 500 word writing sample due to the demands of motherhood, I decided that I should just let that opportunity go.

There are plenty of freelancing opportunities to be found, though.  I am still trying and still pushing forward.

Five Iron Frenzy–The yearbook said that you’d be another winner. You forgot what success should mean.  The poster child for becoming homeless, Mr. Most Likely to Succeed.

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