To The Moon

I started out my morning being awakened by husband as he arrived home from work.  Since Luna was sleeping in our bed, he turned our light back off quickly and rushed out of the bedroom after he’d discarded his shoes and various work-related items he wouldn’t need in his office to play World of Warcraft.  Since the kids were both still sleeping, and since Luna had stayed awake well into the wee hours of morning, I allowed myself to drift back off into confusing dreamland, forgetting for that moment that I’d had goals to accomplish.

A couple of hours passed and Luna woke up asking, “Where am I?” because she’d forgotten that she’d fallen asleep in my room the night before.

I answered her question and she posed another, “Where my sippy cup?”

“Wherever you left it…” is my standard reply to that question.

She whimpered, so I told her to go ask her daddy.  She got out of the bed and ran across the house, but either she didn’t find him or his answer was unsatisfactory, because she quickly returned to the bed to pester me.  I convinced her to check her bedroom, since as far as I knew the desired beverage vessel was still sitting on or under her bed, still probably half or mostly full of water.

Her second venture out into the wild yonder of our four bedroom house granted her the prize of her beloved sippy cup, so she ran back to my bedroom to tell me about it and ask me a bazillion other questions over and over and over.  She climbed back into the bed and snuggled up to my back since I was laying on my side feeding Freya.

That’s when we heard the scratching at the door.  It wasn’t Midnight; he’d already snuck into the room with us during one of Luna’s jaunts and was curled up at my feet.  I knew automatically that it was husband, but I tried to play along.  Luna wasn’t, at first, fooled, but then she started saying, “I scayurrd!” over and over and over.  The scratching stopped and I told her she could be brave and go check to see what it was.  She repeated that it was “Jus daddeee” and ran to fling open the door.

He was nowhere to be found, though she walked around the entire house, she said.  So I got out of bed and, carrying Freya, went with her to help her find her missing daddy.  I noticed immediately where he’d been hiding, but didn’t give him away.  Instead, I asked Luna to stand on my left side and help me buckle Freya into her swing.  A giant suddenly-sentient comforter tickle-attacked her from the corner next to the swing; she started craughing (that’s crying plus laughing for those of you playing the home game) so he pulled the blanket from his face, rocked her, and asked her why she was scared.

After, we breakfasted on chilicheese dogs and hamburgers and husband shared the progress he’d made on his anime store.  I tried to excitedly share my progress of being a freelancer with him…it wasn’t a conversation he wanted to have.  No matter, though.  The only one who needs to be supportive of your dreams is you.

I mentioned to him how I’d found out that a friend of mine was the person he’d hired to paint the window sign, how small of a world it really was.  She was due to meet him at one in the afternoon, but he fell asleep on the couch thinking he’d asked her to call him; I tried to work on writing and feed Freya and deal with Luna’s cycling between happy and tantrumy.

Sometime after one he got a call from one of his business partners asking him why he hadn’t shown up to meet the painter; I had errands to run so I got the kids ready and we piled into the car and drove to a store for him to get cash to pay the lady before driving back to the far-less-than-a-city-block-distance-from-our-house storefront.

I had intended to either leave him there or drop him back at the house quickly, but we both ended up getting engaged in conversation with the artist and a friend she’d brought to keep her company.  Before we knew it three o’clock had arrived, so I drove him back to the house and then continued on to the post office and then the Wal-Mart.  My transcript request forms are mailed!!!  But I am far from completing my applications to the graduate programs at University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, University of Arkansas – Little Rock, Arkansas Tech University, and New England College.

Wal-Mart was ridiculously busy, but for once I didn’t have any issues with my WIC.  I let Luna pick out the fruits and veggies this time, so we got several bananas, four small red apples, a seedless watermelon the size of her head, a package of cherry tomatoes, a package of cranberries, eight pink grapefruit (grapefruits?), and three of those giant avocados.  I totally forgot to take the shopping trip photographs my mother wanted for a sketching project she has planned, but I didn’t redeem all of the WIC today so I can always go back a little later in the month.

I had some frustration regarding Luna and accidents so I ended up putting her in one of Freya’s diapers and wrapping one of my breastfeeding shawls around her like a skirt.  Some annoying stranger felt the need to tell me Freya was crying because of her hat being too big and cover her eyes, nevermind the fact that Freya was actually just tired of being in the carseat and cried louder when I uncovered her eyes because then the store’s bright lights hurt her eyes.

After the frustrations of shopping, I got to the car and discovered I’d missed a call from my friend (the artist who was painting the sign) but, as she later explained, her phone had given out on her so she didn’t answer my returned calls.  I also discovered that the pedophilic Christianish cult of Tony Alamo had left some of their fliers on my windshield.  These I kept to show husband, since it was his Wal-Mart and the company has a policy against unauthorized soliciting and proselytizing on their property.  I rushed through getting the groceries into the car and buckling the kids in so I could hurry back to the shop to lock up.  She was, apparently, leaving to find me so I got there just in time.

Once the shop was locked, it was back to the house to the frustration of unloading groceries when both kids are screaming at you for attention and food and beverage.  I fed Luna and myself leftovers and packed other leftovers in husband’s lunchbox so that the fridge had room for the WIC items.

Around 7p or so I made Luna go to bed since she’d never napped today and I tried to work on writing opportunities.  While we’d been socializing at the shop, I’d gotten an email from one of the freelancing sites saying I’d been accepted to write for them, so I finished my first article for them tonight.  I’m hoping they don’t hate it too much.

Luna woke back up in time to ignore husband as he left for work.  She seemed quite tired still, but you wouldn’t know it now as she is still running around the house. Le sigh.

I know I have lots to do tomorrow, so for now I’m executing plans for my pillow and my head to have a reunion tour…

Our Lady Peace–In this dreamland the kids are alright, and the sky is blue.  We all got wings and know how to fly.  I made it to the moon.

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