At around 12.15a, I posted the following message on my facebook status:

If you see me online today, will you ask me if I’ve gotten off of my ever-widening buttocks and mailed off those transcript request forms yet?

The first responder was a loyalish blog follower who IMed me through Yahoo to ask if I’d gotten them taken care of.  I typed “LOL” and noted that I had planned to work on it during the daylight morning.  That’s not the exact wording but he could correct me if he feels the need to do so.  I don’t feel like looking up my chat logs.

I played on facebook and other parts of the internet a while longer, then went to bed.  This morning, I woke up to husband coming home temporarily from his shop where he and his friends have been busily painting and decorating for the anime store they’ll soon be opening.   Luna had, apparently, snuck out of her room again and he caught her so he came to wake me.

I started to work on the dishes after I dressed, but Freya started crying as the guys were leaving.

Luna and I played with the sticker activity book she got for [insert your winter holiday here] which teaches her about colors, numbers, shapes, matching, etc.  After a bit, she ran off to watch Adventure Time.

I logged into facebook and saw two replies to my status: 

[a cousin’s soon-to-be-ex spouse]: Have you mailed off those transcript request forms yet? 

[MIL]: Have u?

I replied:

No, but thanks for the reminders. 🙂

I played on the internet some more, did a small amount of laundry (emphasis on small), took care of the kiddos, then sat down and got the transcript request forms filled out, signed, and sealed.  I’ll have to either wait til husband gets back and drive to a blue drop box or just make sure to get them in the box first thing tomorrow morning.  I didn’t get my deferment form sent off cause I’m not sure where they want it sent to so I left a message with their robot, which informed me no one will be in the office until Monday.

I wanted to talk to my college professors about those pesky letters of recommendation that some had vaguely alluded to being willing to write while others had given no commitment one way or another.  Only one had flatly refused, but she made sure to note it wasn’t due to my academic abilities, rather my personal life.  She didn’t feel I could handle graduate school while still raising small children.  All those conversations took place back in Spring, when I was still an undergraduate student.

Now that I have graduated, no one seems to want to answer my emails.  One professor did respond that she might be able to work on a letter come Spring.  I was avoiding making phone calls because I am less eloquent when speaking than I am when writing.  I tend to stutter and use a lot of filler words (um…and…uh…so…well…).

Apparently my alma mater is closed for the holidays.  I couldn’t even leave a voicemail.  That will have to wait, I suppose.

I called a former classmate who is also the editor of the magazine I freelanced for this year and asked his voicemail if he would be willing to write me a letter.

I wanted to mail off the request form for Freya’s birth certificate, but husband hasn’t written the check yet.  I had meant to take care of this a while back, but life gets in the way of remembering things.  You can purchase them online, but it costs more money for the convenience of online purchasing.

I checked my facebook again and noticed another comment on my status:

[My mom]: Gettin anything done?

My reply?


And then I blogged…

I should get back to my chores, but since Freya is now crying and my washing machine is kaputski (the drum is now spinning so off-kilter it scrapes the concrete garage floor, le sigh), I doubt I’ll be doing much productiveness today.

Stevie Wonder–Here I am baby.  Oh, you’ve got the future in your hand (signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours).

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