The Internet Is Under No Jurisdiction

Two days ago, one of my blog’s followers had discussed the recent Wikileaks scandal on his own blog (A Torrential Memory).  I hadn’t heard about the scandal other than facebook posts and hadn’t been intrigued enough to learn more.  Reading his entry gave me insight into the scandal.  It all boils down to freedom of speech.

After reading the entry and commenting on it, I attempted to discuss the scandal with my husband.  Robert is not particularly engaged by politics.  It is something that he only occasionally feels the need to comment on.  Sometimes we agree with one another.  Other times discussing politics leads to arguments.

This time, the latter turned out to be true.

Robert is of the opinion that the internet should be moderated or controlled by national or international laws, that freedom of speech should not extend to the internet, and that no one should be allowed to expose government or conglomerate secrets.

I, however, am of the opinion that the internet is not under anyone’s jurisdiction.  It is the World Wide Web.  As such, no one government or conglomerate entity should be able to say what can and cannot be published.  Sure, governments might theorhetically have the right to ban access to certain aspects of the internet, although to me that is no differnet from banning books, which is something I do not agree with.  But say they do have the right to ban access to certain information, that doesn’t mean they have the right to ban the information from being acccessible to the rest of the world.

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