From time to time I get ideas for my blog and text those ideas from my phone to the drafts folder for later editing. This is a good tool for me, because my handwriting is actually only slightly more legible than that of my three year old daughter who doesn’t know how to write yet, and because I suck at remembering ideas after I’m through with whatever activity I’m involved in that’s preventing me to immediately work through a suddenly inspired prompt.  I especially love the talk-to-text feature for times when texting would be dangerous, such as while driving.  I can tell my phone to send something I say to the blog, no button pressing and looking away from the road.

However, I’m learning that I should probably never send audio texts to my blog drafts when I’m falling asleep at night or naptime. I find myself having to decipher my own drowsy ramblings which have been further warped by the fact that my phone’s talk-to-text feature doesn’t always understand my accent.

Here are a few examples of recent talk-to-text blog topics, linked to the entries they ultimately were edited and expanded into:

Bad drivers in your own driving skills. Cute waiter trying. Give me a ridel I tries change planes almost hit another car

x being loud in bed. Sexual repression. Quote avenue q

“The logging filters thought process. Why would mobile blogging be sad” (This was the idea gem that led to the entry you’re currently reading!)

The draft feature is an awesome thing for a blog.  I can email or text or just save a draft from the dashboard and come back to it later to read over it.  It is a type of filter for my content.  A reader recently made the accusation that when it comes to my sex life I have covered everything EXCEPT the length and girth of my husband’s penis.  So of course I covered that topic in a recent post.  No one can accuse me of lacking thoroughness!

I guess that is why there are those who believe that I have no filters, at all, whatsoever.  This is simply not true.  In addition to the filter of saving drafts and editing them repeatedly, I choose my words carefully.  There are some persons or places that I merely allude to rather than stating by name.  There are concepts I sometimes prefer to talk around rather than talk about.  And while I may have discussed everything from my rocky childhood to my bowel habits to my sex life, you can be certain that not every gruesome detail of the past twenty five years has made it into the virtual pages of this blog.

Everyone applies filters to their lives.  When you talk on the phone with your loved ones, you may not tell them if someone recently caused you pain, maybe to spare your loved ones from pain.  When you find out that you have some major health issue that could potentially cause your premature death, you might tell people it is not as bad as it sounds.  When you are having discussions in an academic setting, you might temporarily ban certain words from your wordstock.

Filters are imposed by the self, the society, and the religion (if you have one).  Sometimes filters are a bad thing, sometimes a good thing.  I feel that when it comes to this blog–to my writing in general–some of my filters (inhibitions) most definitely need to be lifted.  If that offends some (or many) and sends readers afleeing, I suppose that would be bad for me.  But, as it turns out, several readers have praised me recently for my openness.  Apparently, when it comes to blog filters, editing for usage, style, and clarity is important (sometimes).  Editing for content?  Not so much, no.

Ira Losco–Now I know where I belong.  I just wondered all along.  I’m alive.  Let go of all your thoughts and inhibitions.  I know maybe it’s my intuition.  Believe, didn’t choose to be here with you.  Time stands still and you try to think it over, and though it hurts you try to open up your eyes.  Can you feel me?  I am kicking. I’m alive.

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