I had a dream that I let Luna pull Freya’s head off. The skin was still attached, so her neck was stretched out like a giraffe and her head was floppy. Later I was working in a thrift store and was breastfeeding Freya at the counter. A guy named Paul that I had worked with at the San Marcos Wal-Mart came up and saw my breasts. He gave me the smile he was known for, and then walked off. Then he turned and tossed a flipping coin at me.

Disturbed by the odd sensual feelings that stirred in me, I left the store and ran home, but home was a four bedroom apartment decorated in wicker that I shared with some Asian chick who yelled at me for bringing a baby home without telling her and accused me of never coming home. I assured her I’d sat on the couch daily, but the furniture was different. Apparently I’d been staying in an identically laid out but differently furnished apartment located in the same spot, like an alternate dimension. To prove to the chick that I was a good person, I invited some friends over, who turned out to be the characters from Coneheads painted blue and some humans in poor conehead costumes. They invited me to go out and party, which turned out to be mystery solving Scooby Doo style.

Dreams are considered by some to be random neuron firing and by others to be prophetic. Others see dreams as the mind’s way of working through real life problems. Perhaps dreams are a little bit of each of those things and perhaps also something more. I know I have had prophetic dreams in the past, but I don’t see where the above one is prophetic. Usually I understand the prophecy until it comes true, like the time I dreamed about my near-rape in San Marcos before it happened.

I am worried about Luna and Freya’s relationship, but I am also worried about Luna trying to be so helpful these days. She has covered Freya’s face with a blanket “she was cold!” and tried to change her diaper while I was cooking dinner (didn’t get far at that because I heard Freya crying and got in there before Luna figured out the snaps on the onsie). She tries to pick Freya up, so I try to explain to her that she can’t touch Freya without mommy and daddy there to help. I try to explain that Freya is fragile and irreplaceable. But these are things it’s difficult for a three year old to understand. This might explain the head-falling-off part of my dream.
Since I am breastfeeding Freya, it’s not odd that that would show up in a dream. The other day I had a dream where I squeezed a pimple on my breast and the inside part of my nipple came out, leaving it hollow. 

The former coworker showing up in today’s dream is odd, but it could be because random people from the past have contacted me or husband lately. This guy wasn’t one of them, though. I had a crush on him, honestly, back when we worked together. I used to hop in his car on lunch breaks and go to his apartment to eat lunch. I’m not sure why he invited me. He checked his email and fantasy football and we watched TV while we ate. It was never sexual. And I was dating husband at the time, so I never tried to make it anything more. I don’t know if the guy liked me, but he listened to me talk and spent time with me. Some people would count that as a hidden agenda of a guy who wants to get laid, but if that were the case I’ll never know–he never made a pass at me. We wanted different things, anyway. He told me he never wanted to have children, but that’s something I’ve always wanted.

When I lived in San Marcos, I shared a four bedroom apartment with three roommates, college girls who loved to party…just not with me. Husband and I have discussed adding roommates to our four bedroom house, but we’ve never agreed on it. I would prefer we didn’t have to deal with the bullshit involved in having roommates at all, excepting if it were family. If it were family it wouldn’t be bullshit. But none of our family, even those who need or will soon need a place to stay, are wanting to move here from wherever they’ve planted themselves, so we live alone. I don’t know why a roommate in my dream would be yelling at me for not coming home, since that’s more of something a lover would do, and husband and I are home daily unless we’ve planned a trip.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies and TV shows since husband got us Netflix. Coneheads wasn’t one of the movies I’ve watched recently, but Scooby Doo was. Could just be some of the random neuron firings, since I have those even in my conscious state, much to husband’s annoyance and amusement.

Pagan’s Mind–Lord, give me strength to carry on in time. I’ve seen me born in Luna’s light, the healing light to magic crystal skies!
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2 thoughts on “Dreamscape

  1. @ Anonymous Sunday, November 21, 2010 10:10:00 PM:I’m not interested in the iPad. I am interested in you getting someone to teach you English, because it is evident that you’ve never really had a firm grasp of the language. My three year old daughter puts together better sentences! It’s like you wrote your comment using those word magnets people use for refrigerator poetry, only it didn’t turn our pretty.

  2. @ Anonymous Monday, November 22, 2010 1:28:00 PM:I didn’t, to my knowledge, offer any useful tips in this particular blog entry. Also, while I have mentioned my adoration for the act of sodomy when it is consensual, I’m not sure why you chose to link me to a French porn site while you were commenting on an entry about dreams and my children. You could have posted the same link under my entry about anal sex and it would have been appropriate and you possibly would have gotten more customers that way. thanks for this tips sodomie

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