I randomly thought about the word “back” recently. It has several meanings, as well as being the root word for various other words and phrases that have various meanings. I got this list by looking at a variant of for words like back and words that had back in the definition. I forgot to bookmark the exact link but I’m pretty sure it was something I accessed through that site. I’ll start with the word itself.

It can mean the opposite of front. I have one, of course. It hurts quite a bit, less so now that I’ve given birth, but still it hurts.

Didn’t I just cover this? I get backaches a lot. I’m hoping that, someday, I can find something better than over-the-counter pain medications and whining to deal with my backaches. I’m hoping to also lose weight, as I know that will help.

back and forth
I’ve been known to spend time pacing back and forth as part of trying to sort things out my head. I’ve also been known to engage in some interesting back and forth conversations. I never was good at the back and forth of volleyball, though.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what that is, and I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m going to assume it’s some sort of brace for aforementioned backaches?

Is that the thingy that the basketball net is attached to, or am I way off?

Physically, I do have one of those, of course, and as I’ve mentioned it does hurt quite a bit at times. I am however, backboneless when it comes to certain confrontational situations.

back burner
I’ve put lots of dreams and projects on the backburner. When I’m cooking, I’ve literally put things on the backburner, but I don’t prefer to use it because things on the backburner (literally and figuratively) can be easily forgotten and burn.

back brace
I know this one! I’ve had to wear them at manual labor jobs as supposed protection during heavy lifting (it didn’t help). And some doctors prescribe similar devices as treatment for injuries, including injuries one might’ve gotten at said jobs.

Yeah, no clue what this is.

back circle
Say what?


back door
Most dwellings and buildings have one of those. It’s also a euphemistic term for the anus. Robert put weatherization materials on our back sliding glass door, so we can’t actually use the door now, but last winter our gas bill got ridiculously high so if blocking access to the back door will lighten the bill this winter, I’m all for that.

back down
Nope. I’m a stubborn person, born in the year of the ox in fact. I won’t back down from most arguments, except perhaps those which are circular and those which could lead to my harm. I have been known to concede that the other side is also making valid points which I have pondered upon and decided to still uphold my own point of view. I have been known to reach compromises. I have been known to pretend to have backed down just to keep the peace temporarily.

A tapestry behind a formal photo shoot. A scenery element in a stage play. A plot element in a story. A wrestling move?

A smart person would have backed his argument with proof. See what I did there? I used the word in a sentence! Pat me on the back! 😛

backed up
Sometimes certain bodily functions are backed up; that’s never fun. I’m so glad that the problem has gone away for me since I’ve birthed Freya (knocking on wood to avoid the problem returning).

back exercise
Can you tell me an effective one to eliminate back pain and maybe get rid of back fat?

No idea…

The thing behind the other thing, lol.

That would hurt.

I’ve heard people use this as a synonym for sneaky.

backhand shot

backhand stroke
Wat? (That’s “What?” in Afrikaans.)

Seamstresses and tailors are skilled at backing garments, presumably.

Is this when you do something and it goes bad or people turn against you for it?

I don’t generally wear backless garments. My back is not my most flattering feature, although if I arch it just right it is more sexy than my abdomen, but I’ve actually never had a lover who preferred backs to breasts, at least not one who admitted it.

When paperwork gets backed up?

back of beyond
This sounds like a misspeak.

back out
Of my driveway?

I have a few of them, yes, but I’m not in college right now and I’ve been using my Bag of Holding as a diaper bag, so my backpacks are in closets.

I’ve always wanted to go backpacking in Europe, but I’ve never been the spoiled offspring of ludicrously wealthy parents…

back porch
We do not have one. Our backdoor opens onto two loose concrete steps and an improperly set brick area which is missing much of its bricks.

Çfarë? (That’s Albanian for “What?”)
I’m glad chairs have these.

I don’t own one, actually. I either try to do that funny move where you bend your arm at an odd angle to scratch a spot on your back, or I just ask Luna if she would mind scratching my back for me.

backspace key
Mine gets used quite a bit, since I prefer to edit as I type.

One who uses the backspace key?

Ne? (That’s Azerbaijanian for “What?” Feel free to use the word over and over in reference to your confusion in reading the name of the language.)

I’ve never been good at this swimming move.

Would that be a person who does the backstroke?

I was bad about scheduling my college classes back-to-back. It used to stress me out a great deal. However, now that I have no college classes, I’m missing that hustle and bustle.

back tooth
Is that a wisdom tooth?

I do that a lot…

back up
When I leave my driveway, I always turn my head around and check for children, animals, and inanimate objects.

Luna tends to put her clothing on backwards. We laugh and tell her it’s on backwards, but it’s her choice whether she wants to fix it or not.

backward and forward
Is this like back and forth.

I’ve heard this as a euphemism for culturally stagnant communities.

Ours is overgrown and, as I’ve mentioned, less easily accessible in preparation for the coming winter.

beat back
Zer da? (That’s “What?” in the Basque language.)

bring back
People are always fighting to have things brought back.

That sounds painful.

If someone knocked on your door and offered to buy back items you owned for more than what you’d paid them for said items, would you do it? I’m pretty sure my guess about this word is incorrect, but the question I’ve posited is interesting, nonetheless.

Što? (Croatian for “What?”)

come back
When Paul (mi hermano) and I were little, we used to take those popular “Yo mama…!” jokes and reconstruct them using more academic language. When these insults were hurled back at the ruffians on our school-buses, they inevitably stared blankly at us before either trying to insult us some more with their original creatively challenged jokes or walking off in frustration muttering mean things about us under their breaths.

coming back
Theorhetically, I will be coming back to this blog regularly, but I seem to suck at that here lately.

Co? (“What?” in Czech.)
cut back
Like budget cut back? Cause the hubs and I keep suffering those. I’m hoarding my last two Dr. Peppers like the goblin thingy in “Lord of the Rings” because I know my precious will be gone soon and probably not be replaced anytime soon.

drive back
From where?

drop back

fall back

Is that another name for bacon or are you just insulting me?

Not a good thing when it’s a noise coming out of your speakers. Is a good thing when it’s people saying good things about something you worked hard on.

feedback circuit
Sounds electroniminonical or something…

feedback loop
Haha…no…I don’t know what this is.

flanker back
This sounds pornographic…do describe in luxurious detail…

force back
This sounds painful…

from way back
I recently was contacted by a girl I knew from way back in childhood. It’s funny how different life is now. I thought every kid in my school hated me when I was spending seven years of my childhood in San Marcos, TX. Turns out it was only a handful of bullies. Time has clouded my memories in some ways and clarified them in other ways.

I think I’ve heard this term before, something about men in tight uniforms playing with their balls on a field?

get back
To where…?

give back
To whom…?

go back
To where…?


great black-backed gull
Never seen one.

Another sports term?


hark back


hold back
I’m hoping I don’t have to hold back or censure my words or actions.

I miss riding horses.

humpback whale
I think I saw one at a zoo aquarium place once.

Of Notre Dame?

keep back
From what…?

kick back
And relax…

laid back
I try to be.

look back
On the past?

look backward
At the wall?

Ki sa?
move back
To where…?

Steakhouse…no rules…just right! 😛

Mi az?
Luna love that game.

On what…?

push back
On what?

put back
Put what back?

Sports terms again?

razorback hog
I’m so tired of hearing about these…

relation back

Wal-Mart claims to do this to it’s prices, which it does do…after jacking them up high to begin with and then underpaying the employees.


running back

set back
I’ve suffered tons of those in my life.


Cad é?


take back
Take what back?

throw back
To another time?

My hair?

toss back
Liquor or a fish?

travel back and forth
And waste how much gasoline?

turn back
To what?

water back


Laid Back–You got to cool down relax take it easy.

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3 thoughts on “Back

  1. I’m not even gonna lie, I didn’t make it through this whole list but I did skim it and have to say I’m impressed that you commented on all of them.~Nyleve~

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