Two Headed Monsters

It creeps me out when two people share a facebook page. Why can’t they be their own persons? It would be different if facebook offered an option to set up a page as a couple, but facebook has designed their profiles for individuals. When you go to the profile of “John Smith Jane Doe,” the profile doesn’t make sense when you read through it, attending two different schools at the same time, likes and dislikes that don’t mesh up, etc. They turn themselves into an electronic version of the creepy two-headed monster…

And then the two-headed monster talks, responding to status updates and wall posts, but you have no idea which head is talking. And that does make a difference. I suppose it’s a little more honest than people who have a profile page and then the spouse/(in)significant other gets on the page and posts updates without identifying themselves so you think the profile owner did the post, but either way it creeps me out.

My husband has his own facebook page and I have my own. I have logged into his account on occasion, mostly to play facebook games that require extra “neighbors” cause I’m lame and nerdy like that, and I wouldn’t object to him logging into my page, but I wouldn’t presume to post a status update in his name without consulting him first, and I certainly wouldn’t merge our pages into one. He has his own friends and I have mine, some we have in common.

I’m sure this particular rant will piss off some of the two-headed monsters I have befriended on facebook, but I’m equally sure that they’ll either get over it or delete me, solving the dilemma either way. 🙂

John Hiatt–This two headed monster is so distasteful.

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2 thoughts on “Two Headed Monsters

  1. @ Anonymous Thursday, November 04, 2010 1:08:00 AM:Hello. I don’t know what Caesary is. Could you describe it to me? The only MMORPG that I’ve played is World of Warcraft, and even that I haven’t played in quite some time.

  2. @ Anonymous Sunday, October 31, 2010 12:43:00 AMMy post was about couples sharing facebook accounts. It had absolutely nothing to do with finances at all. There are posts on my blog where I do discuss finances, but I don’t think I’ve ever expressed an interesting in investing. Here are two reasons I don’t invest in the stock market: 1) I pretty much need every penny that comes my way, and 2) I don’t want to risk losing large amounts of money.

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