Baby Shower

I had my baby shower at Golden Coral. It was supposed to start at 4p. Only three friends showed up, one brought her daughter along. Counting Luna and me, that made six people in attendance.

I was disappointed at the low attendance. I understood that some people had last minute things come up, but it was frustrating that some people had promised to show and didn’t. I wasn’t looking to gain a great deal of loot or anything, but socializing with friends was the plan.

We discussed the fact that most of us got social interaction from the internet and how sad that was. We played a game my friend planned where you have to guess what’s in the jars of baby food with the labels torn off, just by looking at the jars. I got to keep the unopened jars for when the baby’s old enough to eat them cause they don’t expire anytime soon.

I got a pack of diapers, a pack of wipes, a picture frame, a blanket, and some cute outfits.

I got to eat steak and shrimp off the buffet, which is awesome. But I was disappointed with the deserts. The cakes were dry; the fudge had a funny aftertaste and metal shavings on top of it; and the cheesecake didn’t taste right.

Even so, we did (I think) have fun, in spite of the small turn-out.

Juelz Santana–Look now, another dead, another born, vice versa. Another here, another gone, pay attention. Another smile, another mourn, another funeral, another baby shower going on.

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