How Do I love Thee…?

Love has been written about and analyzed in various media forms as long as people have existed. For some reason, the famous sonnet “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” comes to mind often when I think about love, perhaps because I’ve always been into literature, especially poetry, or perhaps just because it is a famous poem.

What did Elizabeth Barret Browning know about love? What did Shakespeare know about love? What does Whitney Houston know about love? Poets, bards, musicians, authors, self-help gurus…the list of people we look upon as experts on love is endless.

I’m only 25, so maybe one might think my experience is limited, and maybe some persons might reason that my relationship with my husband is peppered with negatives, but there are so many things I do love about this man.

Today, he had planned to go see his friend Danny. When he closed up his office, I thought he was getting ready to leave. Luna was in her room sleeping already, because he had carried her in there earlier at my request. I was playing a game on facebook. He sat on the couch next to me and we chatted for a bit. He tried to help me with the game I was playing. After a short time, he started tickling me. I couldn’t exactly squirm and giggle with a laptop balanced on my knees, so I put the laptop down and he kept tickling me, until I got up off of the couch because I realized that my bladder couldn’t handle too much more of the giggling.

When I got back into the livingroom, he was standing. I hugged and kissed him, thinking he was then getting ready to leave once more. Instead, the kissing lasted longer and turned to him touching those places that feel so good to be touched. Suddenly my pants were on the floor. Then we were bent over the couch…Afterward, I put my clothes back on and he got dressed and went to his friend’s house.

While part of me wonders why he always wants to have that kind of fun before going to his friends’ houses, another part of me just doesn’t care. It’s not the only time that we get to have that kind of fun. I love when we make love.

I also love when he shows up at home with surprises for me. Sometimes it’s something expensive, perhaps a game or electronic device I’d been wanting. Other times it’s a special grocery item, purchased just for me, like hot mustard or snack cakes. I love when I open the minifridge to get what I think is one of the last few sodas, and find it stocked again. I love that he feels slighted if he is leaving the house or going to bed and I don’t get up and hug and kiss him goodbye. I love that he chose blue for the master bathroom; I had mentioned I like blue bathrooms. I love the times that he steps in and helps out around the house. I love how he and Luna interact. He is a good man and works hard to take care of this family we are building and to keep the bills and mortgage paid on this house we’re making into a home.

Whitney Houston–I will always love you. I will always love you. You, my darling you.

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