Health Worries

In September 1st, I had a doctor visit. One of the routine tests they run is to have me piss in a cup, which they then test for proteins and such. When I peed, my urine was red in the cup, but the bit that fell into the toilet was a soft yellow color. The nurse told me I wasn’t hydrated at all, which wouldn’t have made any sense because if I were completely dehydrated red pee would have been the least of my problems. I left the doctor’s office with orders to drink lots of water. Really? Like I couldn’t have figured that out?

A little after midnight the following morning, I got up to go pee and, when I wiped, there was a dark dry-blood spotting, but nothing after the third wipe. I was concerned about it, but not enough to wake Luna and rush to the emergency room.

I haven’t seen any blood since then. It’s possible that the blood in my urine and the subsequent spotting were both related to dehydration, but not to complete dehydration as the nurse had indicated. It’s also possible that my body’s just getting ready for the big delivery day.

I’ve been sitting on a towel on the couch most of the time here lately, a combination of precautionary measures due to Robert’s concern that my water might break all over our scotch-guarded couch we bought earlier this year and the fact that I’ve gotten up off the couch on more than one occasion and discovered moisture where I’d been sitting. If I were to find blood, especially a much larger amount than spotting, that would freak me out. But, being this close to the due date, anything could just mean it’s time for the baby to be born.

Ani Difranco–I’m the only part of summer here hat made it inside. In the air-conditioned building decorated with corporate flair, I wonder can these boys smell me bleeding through my underwear.

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