Text Test

I figured out that I could send text messages to my blog! I figured that would be pretty awesome if I happened to be some random place–stranded in a crowded mall, for example–and couldn’t get to my laptop in time to remember a potentially awesome and award winning blog post. So I went the through the steps and sent a test text message to the blog and it worked! The disappointing thing about it, though, is that my phone will cut up text messages into 160 character messages, so I either have to limit my blog entry inspirations to 160 characters, or I have to deal with it turning one topic into several individual posts. I made sure that, at least, the entries don’t auto post. I still have to go back through and edit them. Which is why right now I have several drafts waiting to be taken care of. I’m going to post them using the date they hit the blog originally, not the date it happens to actually be, and no, I’m not going to tell you what date it actually happens to be, so quit begging!!! Anyway, it’s funny that I can find the time to text message my blog, yet I can’t seem to find the time to do other more-important things. But hey, you imaginary readers NEED me. 🙂

Terror–Test my convictions. They’ll run you through. Test my convictions. They’ll run you through.

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