Love is…?

Husband and I were laying in bed, trying to fall asleep, when his iPod shuffled to the song that goes, “…and I can’t stop pretending that I don’t love you anymore…” I tried Googling the lyrics for this post but I can’t figure out the name of the song; found a song that had similar… Continue reading Love is…?

Text Test

I figured out that I could send text messages to my blog! I figured that would be pretty awesome if I happened to be some random place–stranded in a crowded mall, for example–and couldn’t get to my laptop in time to remember a potentially awesome and award winning blog post. So I went the through… Continue reading Text Test

If I plant a dollar, will it grow an evil tree?

Sitting here in my livingroom this afternoon, on my comfortable couch (purchased at tax-return time at Ashley Furniture Home Store, a discounted floor model), and watching “Say Yes To The Dress” on my wall mounted flat screen (can’t remember the exact measurements, but it was another splurge that we made at tax time), I started… Continue reading If I plant a dollar, will it grow an evil tree?