Dishes and Disease

Which sadistic mofo invented kitchen sinks? The design is all wrong. Water splashing all over whatever outfit you happen to be wearing, so you think maybe a hazmat suit would be better than your usual jeans and t-shirt. And what about that drain board? Can anyone really fit a load of dishes in there neatly and safely? But don’t try to put the rest on a towel to dry, because ten minutes after you leave the kitchen, several dishes will take suicidal leaps off the counter, either breaking or requiring a rewash…

Okay, so maybe some of that strain would be alleviated if I washed dishes more than once in a blue moon in February, but seriously, who has the time? I mean, there’s homework to do, and a toddler to look after, and various other chores to take care of, and, of course, all those virtual worlds in which I live. I mean, I can’t let my imaginary crops and animals die! But seriously, I wish that housekeeping were easier…

This weekend, I took a spontaineous trip to Texas to visit some relatives. My mom, as some of you may know, had nuerosurgery last week. I couldn’t make it out to Arizona to see her, but I needed to get out of the fort for a bit and visit loved ones at least. So Luna and I got into our car and I drove all the way down to the family’s town. I had a fun adventure, and was quite proud of myself, it being the first time I’d ever done a road trip as the driver, let alone the sole driver. Luna slept most of the way down and most of the way back, and she only had one accident on the trip down, but it was after we’d already reached our destination.

I have to say, I’m jealous of my cousin Jessica’s kitchen appliances (she has a dishwasher!) and of the size of my cousin Aaron’s kitchen (but he is in the middle of a remodel and said it was smaller before they started the remodel). I know that, in time, we might have a dishwasher and possibly be able to remodel. It’s not that my house is tiny–coming from a 700sqft apartment, this house seems mansionly. But, having lived here for nearly a year, I’m beginning to get out of the “honeymoon phase” of home ownership, and am seeing all these little annoyances about owning this home. Problems that come up that we can’t afford to fix. Problems that come up that we can afford to fix but have to hire other people to help us with. Like today, when we had to shell out $900 of our tax return to get a crew of three men and a tractor and a chainsaw to get two dead trees out of our front yard, because one of them finally snapped in half in last night’s storm and blocked our driveway.

In other lovely news, Luna and I seem to have gotten sick at some point this weekend. I was hoping it was allergies, but then Luna and I both started having sore throats and coughing along with the sneezing and snot and such. Luna, of course, doesn’t just say “Mommy, my throat is hurting.” Instead, she points down her throat and says “herwts”. Anyway, we’ve both been sleeping for the past couple of days. I missed my last two classes yesterday, and all of my classes today. It sucks to miss this soon in the semester, but I’m sure that no one at UAFS wants me to give them the yuckies. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon. I hate being sick. Husband is starting to have symptoms as well, which could interfere with his working.

I’m trying to do housework, between resting periods, so that I can clean up the mess I left when I went out of town. I promised husband I’d do the dishes, so that’s my main focus tonight, but I should really also clean the livingroom and a few other things. And then there’s the homework. And all I really want to do is sleep some more…Ugh.

Default–I feel it this tension inside of me, pressure that’s presently pushing down on me. The first time it starts with just you and I, repeating myself but you don’t hear me. I can see what you see, but is it worth it to me, the same old conversation over and over and over.

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3 thoughts on “Dishes and Disease

  1. Tara:Oh I long for the days when I can afford to purchase a real dishwasher. And the days when Luna is old enough to barter with. These days she thinks the rewards should come whether the tasks are done or not.

  2. Thanks for the commentary. I get how you feel. 🙂 Could you copy/paste this onto my original blog for people who don’t access it through facebook? But yeah, I hate getting woken up at the crack of dawn every morning because someone thinks his job is only 10p-7a five days a week at the place that pays him to be there…

  3. I lived in a house for 4 years than had no dishwasher. Never again!!!! I have had a dishwasher for three years, and am glad I do. But either way, if the kitchen gets cleaned I did it.But my 9 year old helps me with laundry. If it werent for her helping me around the house my stuff would never get done. There is an open exchange for her help. Usually, money or something she wants. But its well worth it in the end. She cant clean the bathroom that well, but she can fold clothes like an army.

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