I’m Cheating On Tony With Nat

My mother-in-law and her husband came into town recently. She bought Luna lots of new clothes, and she and her husband helped out with some things around the house while they were here. One night of their stay, Robert fired up the grill I’d bought him using the propane tank they bought him and made the burgers, sausages, and bratwurst they bought. While we were out on our shopping trip to get everything, Donna (mother-in-law) chose to purchase Kraft Miracle Whip and Nature’s Seasonings for the burgers. I’ve been buying Great Value Mayo and Tony Chachere’s Seasonings most of the time. I didn’t even know that my own husband actually prefers Miracle Whip! And I really love Tony Chachere’s, but Natures Seasonings worked for those burgers, and I tried the seasonings on tater tots a few days after that and mmmmmmm. So I’m sorry Tony and Mayo, I’m gonna spend time with Nat and Mira for a while. 😛

Alan Jackson–She just started liking cheatin songs, and what’s bothering me: I don’t know if its the cheatin’ she likes or just the melody.

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