Nuestra Casa Nueva!

It feels likes a dream, sitting at my desk, in my office, with sliding glass doors to my right, a fireplace to my left, my kitchen behind me, my master suite to the far left, and beyond the kitchen, the living room, garage, hall bathroom, and three bedrooms sprawl out. It feels like a dream, but no, it is reality: husband, Luna, and I are proud homeowners! And no, it’s not a mobile home!

It has four bedrooms (master, Luna’s, guest, and husband’s office), two bathrooms (one of them is in the master bedroom), seven closets (the one walk-in is in the master bedroom), a one car garage, a two-car driveway, washer/dryer hook-ups, central heating and air, a large backyard, a large front yard, a living room, a den with a fireplace (my office), a large eat-in kitchen, and it is located in a cul de sac within sight of an elementary school. Tonight will be our second night to sleep in our new home.

Luna is loving all the space in which to roam. Husband and I are loving everything about the home. We closed on the house yesterday and did most of our moving then, but today we finished up. Yesterday, husband picked up our new fridge from Home Depot (thanks Mom and Cyn for buying that for us), and today we went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and purchased a washer and dryer (used, but like new). We paid $325 for the washer/dryer set. So now we have a car and truck, a house, and appliances.

I only need to finish college and start my career and everything will be all set. You know, there were people who said that husband wasn’t the marrying kind, that this stand-by-your-man mentality I kept up was going to destroy me. Well, guess what naysayers, I did stand by him, through it all. And he has given me the wildest roller-coaster ride. These ups and downs and twists and turns have led us to the place we are today. And you know what?

It’s a wonderful place. We are happily married, proud parents, and homeowners. We have two vehicles that are both paid for. Everything inside our house is paid for. We sometimes fight, but we make up and make love. Life is wonderful. And to those people who may have said bad things about me in the past, in addition to everything I’ve mentioned above, I’d like to inform you that I will be graduating in May 2010 with TWO bachelors degrees.

But that’s not all. I will be attending grad school in Fall 2010, in pursuit of both a Masters and a Doctorate. Husband and I are good people and we are going to go far in life, but even if we never did anything more than we have right now, I’d say that for us to have come as far as we have for an almost-twenty-three-year-old woman and an almost-twenty-eight-year-old man, we’ve done pretty damn good.

Darius Rucker–Oh, you could be the one who saves me, or try to be the one who tames me. Girl, you are the one who’s changing my way of life. I’m tired of painting the town with ladies or living the life so hazy. I’m tired of all my lies; I think I want some real love, but, girl, you gotta realize, yeah, that, baby, I’m a wild one. Don’t let me run. Don’t let me get away.

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