Christmas Morning

There once was a little girl with bouncing golden curls by the name of Luna Rayne. She awoke on Christmas morning to find many brightly colored packages. Excitedly, she ran and grabbed the biggest package of them all, carried it to the center of the room, and began ripping it open.

In this same manner, one by one, the rest of her presents were uncovered. There was a hat, a coat, two hoodies, a giant stocking, four shirts, a police badge, and four pairs of pants.

There were two was a couch, a vacuum cleaner, six books, a ball, three sippy cups, two cars, a laptop, two dollies, a dolly-bottle, a dolly-pillow, a teddy, a purse, a cowgirl hat, a horse, a police rifle…

And even a slinky!

She was so happy to play with her toys, and after the playing and a real short nap, Daddy had another surprise in store! It was time for an outing, so they put on their shoes. They climbed into their pickup and drove–but not too far–into a parking lot which she excitedly recognized: her favorite Chinese buffet restaurant.

After a full meal and more playing and fun, she settled down to bed and her day was done.

Author’s Note: Some of the items I listed in this story are not in the photographs because she hid them from me, and the two outfits she is wearing in the photos were two of her gifts. I apologize for not rhyming throughout, but my muse seems to be on vacation…

Robert Earl Keen–Carve the turkey; turn the ball game on. Make Bloody Mary’s, cause we all want one! Send somebody to the Stop ‘N Go; we need some celery and a can of fake snow, a bag of lemons and some Diet Sprites, a box of tampons, some Salem Lights. Hallelujah, everybody say cheese. Merry Christmas from the family.

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