Feliz Navidad

We had our Christmas this morning; Luna ripped open all of her gifts from Daddy (my husband), Grandma Ruth (my mom), Grandma Donna (my mother-in-law), Uncle Wes (my husband’s brother), and Aunt Samantha (my sister, of course). We took plenty of pictures of her frenzied gift unwrapping, and afterwards we enjoyed a quiet family-of-three lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

When we got back from the meal Luna was tired enough for a short nap; I was surprised she didn’t sleep longer than the thirty minutes seeing as how she’d stayed up all night in her room insisting that she was really not tired. Husband thinks it’s because she inherited the ability he (and I to a lesser extent) has always had to sense others’ emotions. If excitement and anticipation were hanging so thickly in the night air this Yuletide Eve, then it would make sense that Luna could not sleep…She got a diverse array of gifts this year.

The first thing she opened after waking up and using the potty was the giant blue package that had materialized out of some nether vortex sometime during the night. I knew I hadn’t purchased it; apparently Daddy had. Husband got a good video of her carrying it around and then trying to open it; she needed a little help from me, but not much. What was inside? Her own personal couch that could fold out into a bed. It is pink with Disney princesses on it.

Husband said it was a choice between Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer, and Cars (the movie). I am glad he chose Disney out of those three choices. Next she ripped open the vacuum (complete with batteries) Grandma Donna got her. Followed by some clothing from Grandma Ruth.

Then she opened a laptop from Aunt Samantha and then a dolly from Uncle Wes (which came with it’s own self-emptying and self-filling bottle that Luna tried to drink out of and wondered why nothing came out and which also had a moon on the front of its shirt with the word “Moon” stitched into it). I was really excited about her dolly because Luna = Moon. I was also excited about her vacuum because maybe she won’t be scared of real ones anymore.

Actually, I was excited about all of her gifts. The best thing about being a mommy is being a kid again, lol.

One by one, Luna ripped open all of the rest of her presents which included: three sippy cups, a purse, a horse, a baby bear, another dolly, a winter hat, a purple cowgirl hat, a police rifle dart gun and badge (we hid the darts and police badge from her right away), a purple ball, a police car, a fire engine, six books (these, too, got hidden away for later; she doesn’t understand that books aren’t for ripping), four shirts, four pairs of pants, two fleece hoodies, a reversible jacket, a slinky, and a giant felt stocking (this had been holding most of the individually wrapped gifts from Grandma Ruth).

Luna was so excited about each gift that we had to put them out of her reach in order for her to realize it was time to open the next gift. When we went to the restaurant I had dressed Luna in one of her new outfits, a white and brown striped shirt and a pair of brown cargo pants; I think they’re both made out of fleece or something equally as soft. Embroidered on the front is a puppy and the words “my best friend.” This was one of the gifts from Grandma Ruth.

In the pictures I took of Luna opening the gifts, she is wearing a set of pink-and-teddy-bear flannel pajamas. Those, a pair of blue pajamas, three sippy cups, and a blue fleece hoodie were included in the list above, but were actually given to her a week ago by husband. He couldn’t wait to give them to her. I took pictures of her gifts all laid out together, except the few she’d hidden from me. All in all it was a great day.

My mother gave me a scarf, some gloves, a mind-bender puzzle, a momma bear, and a winter hat; my husband gave me the Cute & Creepy expansion pack for Spore and a few weeks ago he gave me an MP3 player as my early gift. Mom also gave husband a ‘magic’ wand and a papa bear. All in all it was a great day. I wasn’t able to get gifts for anyone this year, but someday that college degree will make it possible. I hope all of you have also had a great Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Yule/December.

José Feliciano–Feliz Navidad. Feliz Navidad. Feliz Navidad. Prospero Ano y Felicidad.

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