Two Dicks

The size of a man’s penis…

There are tons of topics I swore I was not going to touch, but since I’ll have to write a paper soon in my Ethics class, concerning the Iraq war, and since I got into a political debate with one of my hubby’s RPG buddies, I decided to blog about the topics of the debate, which included the war.

Periodically throughout this entry, I have directly quoted him; everything within the quotes was copied verbatim from his Instant Messages to me, including his mispellings and occasional grammar or punctuation issues. I feel the need to point that out so I am not accused of deliberatly altering his words to make him appear ignorant.

Anyway, the whole discussion started when he said he was supposed to attend a clan rally; I thought he meant Klan and got on edge, til he explained he meant a republican meeting.

Then I told him, “I’m sorry.” which he took to mean I was sorry that he was republican.

Well, I was, lol, but actually I meant it as an apology for misunderstanding him.

Anyway, this segued into a discussion about our respective politics. I am neither republican nor democrat; as I mentioned in an earlier post, I consider myself a conservative liberal. I register to vote as “independent” so that I can choose my candidates on their issues and performance as a whole.

He considers himself a republican. Okay, well, that doesn’t mean one has to be an ass about it.

I told him he had the right to have political viewpoints, to which he replied, “Yes. I have the right to be right.”

I asked, “As in right wing? Or as in correct, because if it’s the latter I feel a long debate coming on…”

Of course he had to say, “As in correct.” and start said long debate…

I asked him what viewpoints the republican party held that he felt were “correct” as opposed to democratic viewpoints?

His exact words were, “Right to Life and the right of the Constitution. Everything else is semantics.”

Well, I agreed with him that abortion is fundamentally wrong, but I am pro choice because I understand that for some women certain circumstances govern the decision to abort (rape, incest, high order multiples, ectopic pregnancy, maternal or fetal health conditions).

I would personally never have one, but I do not feel I have a right to govern their uterus or the rest of their bodies for that matter. I also agree about constitutional rights, but I asked him why the patriot act is in direct violation of those rights. Or for that matter, why does the supreme court constantly shirk said rights? I know the supreme court is bipartisan, but still.

He said, “Life begins at conception. Period. It is not the fault of the forthcoming baby b/c mommy is a slut or an idiot. Regarding the other circumstance leading to conception (incest, rape, et al) exceptions can be made. Same excetions regarding medical condition (Down Syndrome, mental retardation, health of the mother) can be made as well; Example: If my wife’s life was risked by pregnancy; get rid of the baby. Right to Life cuts both ways. I can friggen adopt a kid for that matter.”

So in other words, he’s a hypocrite.

If you hold the belief that life begins at conception and people are evil for ever getting an abortion for any reason and that it is your job to condemn them to eternal damnation for the sin of murdering the unborn, you ought not add provisions and if/then statements to when it might be okay to maybe break this rule.

I do believe in living wills; mine will say to pull the plug.

Then he tells me that the patriot act never violated human rights.


I sent him ten links to news articles on that subject, but he decided they were all unreliable news sources. There are way more than ten articles, but I decided not to spam him with all the links.

At that point, I decided maybe I did not want to fight with him anymore, so I said, “You are entitled to your opinions, and I am entitled to mine; they do say ‘opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.’ I have never gotten along with conservatives, and I’d like us to still be friends, so maybe we ought not talk politics?”

So he said, “You just need to realize that Im right. So, neener neener.”

So he wanted to keep arguing, huh?

My next comment was a bit more snide than I ought to have been, but in reaction to his saying I should call him right I said, “See, I could do that, but then I’d be living a lie.”

Then he started talking about our constitution and our laws in general not meaning to provide for people who are not citizens.

So I had to pose a hypothetical: “um, so you’re saying that if a guy came here as a tourist, he doesn’t also deserve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?”

He says no. Then he told me, “You dont know me vvery well, so Im going to fill you in on a few things: I am a Patriot and a god fearing conservitive voter with a few dozen right wing ‘opinions’ (which I call truths) which I cling too and don’t take differing opinions with an ‘open mind’ or ‘willingness to consider differing veiw points’. FUCK THAT SH*T!!! I feel that is the problem with this country. We are too willing to toss our traditions to the wayside and ’embrace’ other veiw points b/c we dont want to appear closed minded. In a race to be ‘accepting’ of ‘other cultures’ we trample our own ideas and opinions on things and toss them by the way side. Dont get me wrong; I’ll try anything once. I might even like it. Or not. But, I see too much ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘acceptance’ in american culture and it makes me sick. Did we try to ’embrace’ fascism? Communism? Torture? NO! We fought for freedom, for justice, or the side of ‘the right thing to do.’ And now, we sup with these douchebags on the UN to appear ‘open’ and ‘willing’ to except different Ideas.”

Well, I got tired of hearing his rant, which I’m sure many of you who read me on a regular basis and think along my lines would, but hey, if you agree with him wholeheartedly it is, in fact, your right to do so.

So here’s how I feel:

The right thing to do is harm none, either emotionally or physically. If you look at it that way, then being accepting and open minded is a good thing, is the right thing to do.

Communism as a form of government in theory actually sounds okay, but in practice turns into what the Soviet Union was and what China is. When I told him all that, he went into a rant about how I must think wars are a terrible thing…

Well, um, yeah!

Wars are terrible and harmful; but they provide for economies and defend homelands and protect other innocents, it’s all that “greater good” stuff. You’d have to think about your own personal code of ethics to decide whether you agree with greater good; I’m not sure if I do or not, but I do not agree with the war in Iraq; it started as a defense of homeland; now it is pointless.

I was a Junior in high school when the towers fell; now I’m starting my fifth year of college. How much longer does it have to last? Who made US the world police? When I told him this, he started naming time lines of the world wars.

I asked him “Did you know that the US did not want to interfere with what Nazi Germany was doing until Pearl Harbor?” He ignored that in favor of answering my earlier question about who made us police of the world.

He kept saying over and over, “THE ASSHOLES WHO DESTROYED OUR TOWERS!!!!!!” Yes, “they” did, in 2001. And it was not IRAQ that did it. It was Osama’s band of RADICAL ISLAM EXTREMISTS if you believe that version of the truth.

Anyway, saying Osama’s views represents all of Islam is like saying David Koresh represents all of Christianity. And what are we going to do, bomb every inch of every country that ever had anyone who might be of Islamic faith because one CULT attacked us?

We have few allies in this endeavor. All we’re doing is pissing off the world. And when the whole world hates us, guess what? MORE terrorism. Next thing you know, we’re all aiming A-bombs at one another and we’re all dead, cause that’s what World War III’s gonna be.

Assuming that our country would strike fear and people would suddenly do our bidding is assuming that we’re the ONLY ones with bombs. Why is it that it’s okay for US to have WMDs but they can’t? My husband’s gamer pal, when I asked him this, said we don’t use our WMDs. I say, yeah, sure…until someone makes us mad.

We dropped them on Nagasaki and Hiroshima back then; and we’re constantly developing and testing our weapons, so we must be planning on using them at some point. It’s okay for us to develop and stockpile, but not for another country to? Okay Mr. Doublestandard.

He says we are the defenders of freedom. Who’s freedom are we defending? We spend billions of dollars a year to pillage and plunder other countries who we feel are going about things wrong, trying to FORCE democracy upon an unwilling populace; meanwhile there are children and families living in abject poverty in our own country.

We need to restructure our social welfare system; restructure the wage system; stop outsourcing, stop bombing and policing everyone else, and take care of our own backyard. We need to be the first country to break our oil addiction; the first country to colonize the moon; things like that would make us a world superpower for sure, not bullying all the other countries.

We went to Afghanistan first, then Iraq; seven years ago, we told the world we were pissed the fuck off, don’t fuck with America…blah blah blah; but that was seven fucking years ago; now we’re just dragging it out; it’s like if someone killed your brother and then you went and killed that guy and his entire family and his neighbors and his neighbors’ families and so on…we have proved our point.

But we won’t be able to stop terrorism. I mean USA has proven that we aren’t to be fucked with; now we’re just wasting time, money, and human life for no good reason. There will always be radical extremists; we got mad, we fought back; the “revenge” part of the war ended long ago; now we’re serving other agendas and we are being terrorists.

We hear every day on the news about how many of our soldiers have died over there; how many innocent Iraqis have died? How many people who did nothing wrong, just went about their daily lives, worshiping their god and working at their jobs and raising their families?

Then the big bad USA shows up and blows their homes away cause some CULT that happened to be from the same part of the world as them caused us problems. War is a big penis measuring contest. And innocent women and children suffer because of it. And who has to put the pieces back together when you boys are done fiddling with your johnsons?

It’s the women who lost their fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, to war; throughout history we’ve been the ones cleaning up your messes, even after women’s lib. And the funny thing is, most women could care less who has the biggest missile. Women are also soldiers now and not all in the home anymore; but it still didn’t change the fact that we clean up the messes of men, of men’s wars and of their homes. And we’ll go on cleaning up your messes forever…

Or y’all could just stop worrying about who has the biggest WMD in your pants and work towards ways to become a self-sufficient society. If WE have the “green” cars and WE have the alternative energy sources then that would make US all mighty; you’d be declared the winner of the big-dick fair.

So this guy tells me, after I rant like this for a bit, that he actually believes continued oil drilling will HELP find alternative fuel sources! No, sir, learning how to harness the other elements; water and sunlight and wind and fire, using those to our advantage will get us there. “Primitive” societies managed to survive without industrialism for millenia; I’m not saying we go all the way back to the stone age, but we need to wake the fuck up and realize that oil is not the only means out there; we already have solar power and windmills and watermills.

This guy tells me then, that those are cost ineffective. Really? Investigate “earth ships” and you’ll see: it is cost-effective in the here-and-now, homes that are completely self-sufficient without sacrificing the damned comfort we Americans are so used to. But we’d actually benefit from the backslide into the stone age if we had to; it’d knock us off our fucking high horses.

We think we’re better than cultures that don’t use the industrialism we do, but what makes us so much better than them, huh? We don’t even have clean water. Have you looked at what chemicals they put in your water to “purify” it? The reason that we get sick in other countries is that the bacteria and parasites that naturally occur in all water and would run their course through someone used to drinking it are not in our water; instead we’re drinking chlorine and other chemicals.

It’s not clean, it’s chemically laced, along with all of our food. And much of our food is hormonally laced as well. We have a high obesity rate and we die sooner than other countries. We are fat lazy selfish and happy; we bully other countries and cultures; we police the world to suit our own agendas; and how dare anyone complain about it?

We’re America, right, aren’t we the most bestest perfectest place on God’s green earth? Well, I’d have to say no. Our food is laced with growth hormones and chemicals; it’s unhealthy, even if it doesn’t make you fat. I can’t find it, but there’s an article about how much money (USD) it takes to feed a family all over the world; we spend the most money on the least amount of food in this country; and it’s mostly junk.

You think it’s successful to impoverish your citizens and then overcharge them for food, to feed them unhealthy food so that they are sick more quickly, to convince them that they need this and that pill, to then not give them medical care so they stay impoverished? Oh, guess they are following Machiavelli’s advice…

The only reason our life spans continue to increase is that so many of us who should of died are being preserved by machines and medical interference. Don’t even get me started on that subject…

Anyway…He and I argued about a lot of politics, lol.

Maybe I’m wrong, but all the literature I’ve found on these subjects, and I’ve done research, leads me to the conclusions I’ve come to. Yes, we are free in a lot of ways, like my right to write this blog in the first place, but it is a known fact that politicians lie, that not everything we are told on the mainstream media is truth.

There is a reason that shows like “South Park” and movies like “V Is For Vendetta” exist. They are there to use fiction to shed light on facts. Many politicians have read and reread “The Art of War” and “How To Be A Prince.” They probably sleep hugging these worn volumes.

It would do the average citizen good to also read these books, to see what motivates the powers that be to not always be truthful, valiant, and just. I just bought my copies, have you?

I’m a crazy bitch…

I had a psychotic episode last nigh; which pretty much lasted all morning…

then I went to the campus block party and talked to the army guys cause they were passing out t-shirts; then I came home, played with my daughter and played on hte comp.

Last night, I found something on I shouldn’t have even been looking at that led me to a conclusion that sent me off on a panicky phase and I spent four hours (11.50-3.50 or so) telling my friend Maria a bunch of stuff about my marriage getting more and more upset and shaking uncontrollably and then she was able to set my mind to a different point of view and I calmed down enough to get some sleep, but then my hubby came home from work and I went to school and I could stop thinking about it and I was shaking all day at school and talking entirely too fast and I looked dazed…

my mother and brother are right; the only way to control this thing is to never have an idle moment to fill my day with sooo many activities that by the time I go to bed I’m too tired to do anything but sleep, a steady routine. Whatever mental/emotional disorder I have.

My husband has been faithful and loyal to me since we’ve been married; but last night I was on his computer to print out my homework and I got nosey and then I found a few messages on Myspace between him and a girl I thought was the ex fuck-buddy from last year. Turns out it was just his coworker, who he rarely sees cause she’s there through a temp agency; and he was giving her computer advice.

The two messages I saw was them talking about hanging out, but I got paranoid, and it set me off. I started talking about the big D. I’m sooo glad I called Maria instead of calling him. Paul says I need to diet and exercise. mom says I need activity husband does love me he’s shown it by: [count the ways] he is not cheating on me he condemns unfaithful spouses I just need to find my inner child, and whoop her little ass…

Inspirational music while writing this post:

Corporate Avenger–I’m not A Child Of Adam And Eve, I don’t need to believe in the wrongs from rights in your schools and in your brain. You’re so insane you claim you’re right. You say ‘War is good and war is right.’ Another mother cries tonight, alright.

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5 thoughts on “Two Dicks

  1. Thanks for sharing us informative posts.You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…

  2. Anonymous Sunday, November 07, 2010 10:58:00 PM and Anonymous Friday, April 01, 2011 4:40:00 PM:You posted that twice, but thank you. 🙂

  3. @ MariaThanks for your comment. This one needs a lot of editing though, it wasn’t supposed to get published without my editing it. Oh well, perhaps the lack of editing adds to the idea that I am, in fact, a crazy bitch! 😛 Yeah, we all have our moments. When it comes to guys if they get all psycho I tell them they’re assinine :).

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