What’s your diagnosis?

I just entered all my symptoms into Web-MD; apparently I have: Adult Migrain Headache, Adult Depression, Medication Reaction or Side Effect, Middle Ear Infection, Schizophrenia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Lactose Intolerance, Sleep Apnea, Heartburn/GERD, Excessive Caffeine Use, Postpartum Depression, Panic Attack, Acute Sinusitis, Hay Fever, Atrial Fibrillation, Swimmer’s Ear, Bipolar Disorder, Tension Headache, Aspirin Poisoning, Hyperthyroidism,… Continue reading What’s your diagnosis?


People talk with an authoritative tone about how women are objectified in other cultures, as though USA were in some way above that. In a recent discussion with my Ethics professor, I pointed out a truth many people tend to ignore: WE objectify women. In the Islamic culture women wear the berka to cover up;… Continue reading Objectified