Lewis Black just ruled blogging as the root of all evil!

Guess that means I’m evil! Do I care? No! I DO edit my blogs before I post them, and if you don’t like the finished draft, tell me! I probably won’t give a shit, but I’ll appreciate your concern.

I love y’all like the invisible silent readers that you are and I strive every time I blog to bring you the latest news on topics that may be only important to me and the few people I communicate with on a regular basis. 

That is my right and my prerogative; I live in America where I am entitled to free speech. So are you!

So if you disagree with me, post a comment or write your own blog, but if you do neither, then shut the hell up and stop complaining about my “drivel” because to me, this is therapy!

Bree Sharp–The cheap and evil girl sets out on the city. She’s moistened every curl. She’s poisonously pretty, and the unsuspecting fool falls pray. As the dim detective’s lead astray, genuflecting boys all say the cheap and evil girl will get her way.

View the full blog at heartchasms.blogspot.com and like the blog on Facebook.

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