The powers that be need to get their shit together!

I am really pissed at Uncle Sam at the moment! We had food stamps, but we lost them in April due to THEIR clerical error. They were supposed to pay us for May and June this month since we had to reapply in May. They said once they figured things out they would give us the back pay. But yesterday we got the fucking “back pay” and it was 58 dollars! $58 is their idea of back pay for all this time! I was pissed and I called and they said that we might get more in July; we got the letter today and next month and every month after that they have decided that we only deserve $178 a month! I can’t feed my family on that shit. The fucked up thing is if I go back to work to get the money we’d need, they’d take it ALL away, but if I stay home and pop out a bunch more babies I’ll get tons of money. Hell, if Robert quit his job and sat on his ass all day we’d be some rich motherfuckers! Apparently you can’t count anymore than seven kids, but oh my fucking god this shit almost makes me wanna TRY to get preggo again. But I know that would be stupid. It just pisses me off that working hard and paying taxes makes you worthless, but the real worthless members of society who pop out brat after brat from different baby daddies JUST for the check every month are given room and board and all that shit. They counted Robert’s GROSS pay instead of his take home pay, they do that to everyone. They made us count our cars as assets, but we couldn’t count our insurance payments or gasoline as expenditures! They counted our water and electric as expenditures, but would not count our phone and internet bills, so based on the things they say we own/earn and the things they say we spend, we must have like $500 a month just lying around. But we don’t! And if I go back to work, we won’t get ANY benefits, so that’s not gonna help us pay for food. School starts in the fall, and I’ll get a check in mid September, but we still have all of July and August to struggle through. And I don’t even have viable stress relief cause we can’t afford my wow subscription right now. I mean, I guess that’s okay though; I’m getting more chores done. But my chores don’t pay the bills…My husband busts his ass five nights a week, works overtime if he can get it, I’m struggling through college, we have a small child that we take damn good care of; but we’re trying TOO hard for the government to give a shit about helping us and we’re apparently not trying hard enough to be able to sustain a living on our own. We had about $450 when we first got our food stamps last June, and then around October or so they decided we only deserved $240. Robert has gotten a raise of a whopping $1.00 in the past year BUT I am no longer employed so that’s an income loss of $800mo; I don’t think the two cancel each other out AND Luna is older now so she eats more food. Am I wrong to think that the $178 is bullshit? I see people who don’t need the shit getting all kinds of help… I just don’t know what to do. If I hire some stranger to raise my kid so I can finish college AND work full time simultaneously, then we’d lose all our benefits, but we might be able to possibly make ends meat, but I doubt it, cause childcare costs so damn much. Plus there’d be the added cost of transportation, work uniforms, meals…If my husband quit his $8.95/hr job so I could go to work at a $6.50/hr job we’d get more help, but we’d be in even more trouble when it came to rent and bills every month! I’m probably going to call Sprint and tell them where they can shove their contract…so that’ll take one or two hundred dollars a month off our shoulders, but then we still have the cable/homephone/internet bill and if we called and said we don’t want digital anymore and wanted to go back to basic it might be cheaper, but I can’t downgrade the internet cause I’ll need it for school and if we lose the cells we’ll need to keep the homephone. We can try to find some sucker to take our cars off our hands for a small pittance, but then we’d need to replace them with one car that actually works worth a dime and use it or pay for a monthly bus pass, actually two of them, one for him and one for me, $60 a month. The cell bill and cable bill are in my name, so I can call them and make whatever changes I see fit, electric is also in my name, but there’s not much I can do there. We kind of need electricity. We can start buying crappy off brands of stuff, but some of that stuff really isn’t worth the trouble, like the cheap diapers we bought for Luna the other day: the poo comes out the sides cause they don’t fit right! And I like maxi pads with wings cause the ones without end up curling up and catching on my hair and causing all kinds of discomfort! And cheap razors cut skin more than hair! I know that budgeting and planning and all of that would really help us, but I can’t sit down and discuss budgets with my husband cause he doesn’t like discussing this stuff. He worries about it quietly when I’m not around and hates it if I try to discuss it, says I’m stressing him more! MEN! Guess I’ll stop ranting for now. If anyone out there in cyberland actually reads my babbling anymore, feel free to comment, advise, taunt, brag, or whatever your needs may be. The American Ruling Class–And we’ll stop the war, and we’ll help the poor when the empire falls, and the faceless corporations will be taking a vacation, cause the world is free for democracy when the empire falls!

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