Luna’s First Blog Entry!!!!

Okay everyone! Luna Rayne has been fascinated by computers since the day she was born. I decided to be nice to her today and let her type a blog entry! I’m going to put her in my lap, have her type whatever she wants to, and then I’m going to post it below this paragraph. If there is anyone out there who actually understands Luna’s language, feel free to comment on this blog entry, preferably in American English so I, too, can enjoy the meaning! LOL Anyway, without further old dew here is her entry. I added a space ever four characters so that it would fit on the blog, but I have no idea what she might have been trying to say, if anything, lol. Let me know if you see words, sentences, complex algorithms, the secret of life etc. :

Vjjk wond erin gfre ngtx ttt/ tz3; ml/f klm; fbbb bbza xkly lyyl yyyy l…bc cvcv cvvc vv;( 0000 0000 0000 0000 0}hh hhwh yhhh hhhh hhjj jjjj jjjj jjjj jjjj jjjj jjjj jjjk xcds asas chgv def= -;tr f50- dede f5XW DESF C[G FTRT 5RR 44] Vaug hn;O ’JH8 OBVK UJHN ,wzx waK GFt DDD DDDD GFT 5TR MN0 8kk 0k0 kff fff fffx vcgf 6t5 t5; (_) k,j mhgy hgo uihi sies nthe re…V jhgz xdsd s[gw ],L4 TWDS DFXC DRFD E3RG vvvv vvhe rvvv vvvvv vvmY HRFG FVX/ 45 v95a unt -iry tpv= ’b.l

Smashing Pumpkins–And the mouths of babes sing revolution, and the mouths of babes scream disillusion. You can’t break what’s already broken, cause from the mouths of babes comes nothing.

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One thought on “Luna’s First Blog Entry!!!!

  1. Anonymous Sunday, February 21, 2010 3:10:00 AM:I couldn’t understand the script you were using, but Google translate said it was Russian and that you said “in the end: excellent .. a82ch” I’m not sure what the last bit is supposed to mean, but thanks for the compliment, if your statement was meant to be complimentary.Я не мог понять скрипт, который вы использовали, но Google говорит, что перевод был русский, и что Вы сказали в конце: отлично .. a82ch “Я не уверен, что последний бит должно означать, но спасибо за комплимент, если ваше заявление должно было быть бесплатным.

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