Routinely Random

You get used to your routines. I mean, day in day out, the things you do, the things you’ve always done, the way you talk and the way you think and the way you walk and breath and the foods you choose to eat and the way you spend your money and the way you part your hair and the way you park your car and the way you wipe your ass and the way you masturbate…the point is, you get set in your ways. And then one day, you meet someone, and you fall in love, and you start a new set of routines, the love routines. You go to certain places and make love certain ways and you laugh at the same jokes and you cry for the same reasons and before you know it the years have gone by and you’re married with children and routines are changing, cause now you have to wake up when your kids do, you can’t sleep in til noon, and now you have to cook kid friendly meals, and keep your conversations rated g and go to the park so they can get out of the house every once in a while, and your sex life goes from the best fucking you’ve ever had with that lover you married to you’re lucky if you get it once a month if at all and you find yourself crying a lot more, going crazy a lot more, pulling your hair out and screaming and throwing things cause your routines, your stability, your foundations, they’re gone, they’ve changed, they’re never gonna be the same. You find that your vagina has lost some of it’s elasticity because of that eight pound demon you pushed out and that your eyes have dark circles under them that can be seen from across a crowded room and your hair has so many split ends you’d have to go bald just to get rid of them and your ass is as big as an elephant’s and your breasts hang down to your knees and you’re growing facial hair quicker than your husband does and it just ain’t fair! But it’s okay, because in spite of all these changes, you look around and realize that some things never change, some good things never change, like yesterday morning when you opened the refrigerator and found a brand new Scrubs Season One DVD on the top shelf next to the milk because your loving husband likes to surprise you, and like every night, when no matter how upset you are with your husband and no matter how upset he is with you, you kiss one another goodnight and tell each other I love you because you’ve got your routines, and they’re good routines, and even though the sex is far less often than you’d like it to be, you know that when it does happen, it’s the best sex in the world, because it’s with the man you love, always have, always will. Judds–Young love, strong Love, true Love, it’s a new love. They’re gonna make it through the hard times, and walk those lines. Yeah, these ties that bind young love.

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