Progress (or lack thereof?) Report

I failed one course this spring, which was a night course every Tuesday that I had to take Luna to and found it hard to concentrate on. The course is not required for my degree, but if the instructor offers it again next spring I would like to retake it and be more focused on it. The other four courses were two As, one B, and two Cs. I know I should have tried harder and gotten all As, but I’m finding that my procrastinator’s nature makes it easy to ignore schoolwork in favor of playing with Luna. I am attempting to secure childcare in the fall, but even if that does not work out all my classes will be in the morning and Robert should be able to stay up to watch her. I will also have one web course, Spanish II, and since I made an A in Spanish I this semester I should do fine, as long as I get the work done. I am not taking any courses this summer, but am actively pursuing gainful employment to help alleviate some of my little family’s financial concerns. My goals for this summer are to get organized, secure childcare, and set a routine. Thank y’all for your continued support of my collegiate efforts! Die TryingI’m naked and violent. This is the first day of my life, finish last at the staring line. I live through my friends who are barely there, and I love how you, you look out for me and I love you. I live through friends who are barely there. I’m naked and violent, an emotional wreck, yeah, yeah. I’m not about to stop until I’m dead.

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