Back to the drawing board…

I was responding to one of those small talk emails you do with your friends where you ask each other “how are you doing” and then supposedly give short and clipped replies like, “I’m doing okay…” But I didn’t stop there!

I went on to tell her about how I have one more final tomorrow and then I’m off for the summer. Then I told her how my husband has this misguided idea that I should seek out employment once more. Then I got really whiney, I told her how I don’t want to go back to work. I listed some reasons too!

Anyway, the exchange made me think about the pros and cons of reemployment. In my email, I started with the cons, so I think I’ll do that here.

First, I start classes again in the fall and it has proven very difficult in the past for me to give 100% to each part of my life when I must be a mommy, a wife, a student, and an employee all at once.

Second, they will cut back our food stamps if I am earning money and we only get enough for about half a month’s worth of groceries as it is and our little family of three still consumes a great deal of food. Luna is almost a year old, and has been eating solid food for quite a while. I need to give her several small healthy meals and snack times each day, as well as filling her sippy cup with healthy juices and milk throughout the day. I weigh too damn much and should eat less, but that does not mean I should starve myself. Husband and I should be eating either three big or six small square meals a day, as well as a few healthy snack times in between.

Since husband is on the graveyard shift, he actually eats his meals at different times than I do, which means that either I prepare a lunch for him or he purchases something at work, either way that is money spent on an extra meal. We save leftovers, but that usually only provides me with a lunch meal during his sleeping time the next day. Even if we both drank nothing but water and ate ramen noodles, we’d still have to feed our growing childe, so those paltry food stamps are keeping us relatively healthy.

Third, we don’t have reliable childcare and the DHS office is telling us they are out of vouchers and the Early Head Start program is telling us we’re on the list but they’re not first come first serve.

Forth, the rising cost of gasoline and the cost of paying for groceries and daycare out of pocket would eliminate any income I earned from going back to work, which would mean that we would STILL be struggling to pay bills.

Husband and I have gone round and round on these issues, and he still thinks my going back to work is a good idea, so I’ve started putting applications in. Part of me actually wants to go back to work for the socialization and the pride of having a pay check, but the microeconimcs don’t add up…

Traffic–Economics, all your atomics ain’t gonna save you from that bird in the sky.

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5 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board…

  1. smile! This is how I solved the childcare/cost of working delilema when I had three little ones but needed to work. I got a graveyard position. I see you said your husban works swing and sleeps in the am so is not avallible for childcare during his sleep time but he is avalible for childcare during his other 5 to 6 hours of awake time (he will not enjoy it as much as he thinks being tired and all but it is what he is asking you to do) So find some smallish part time work during those hours and let him see what it feels like to work, clean, feed,childcare,sleep,and work again with never having anytime “off”. and smile. You could also take on the job as a childcare provider for other working moms and still stay home with your baby. either way it is a challenge. Good luck

  2. @DEB in Hawai’i:Hi! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your response.We’ve got things figured out since I did this post back in ’08. My husband has started his own business (though he’s still working nights) and I’m in graduate school. We now have two children instead of just the one. I still stay home with both girls, but he helps out when he’s not busy with work.

  3. To Anonymous Tuesday, September 21, 2010 2:50:00 PM:I find it incredibly difficult to take seriously a website that claims to sell both pharmaceuticals and copyright- or patent-infringing materials.

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