Time’s fun when you’re having flies…

My how the time has flown…It seems likes only yesterday I was lying a hospital bed sans pain medication pushing and pushing to what seemed no end, just yesterday that she was born, Luna, my beautiful little girl–but it wasn’t just yesterday. In fact, it was nearly one year ago! That’s right folks, as of May 14 my little girl will be an official Earth year old! I needn’t go into lengthy detail all of the events of this past year; suffice to say that there were good times, bad times, down right rotten times, and times I wanted to throw either Luna or Robert (or both!) out the window! BUT I GOT THROUGH IT! And you know what? Everything’s gonna be alright! I love my husband very much; even in spite of the things he has put me through, I wouldn’t trade him for anything. And Luna? Well, she’s a holy terror for sure, digging in garbage cans and destroying what little order may have previously existed in our tiny two bedroom apartment, but she’s my little angel [of doom, lol]…Seriously, though I love her, and also would not trade her for anything in the world. I will have to admit, unfortunately, that if ever I had to choose between my husband and my daughter, I would pick my daughter. Robert knows this, of course, and he also knows that if the choice were ever on his shoulders, say Luna and I were both dangling off a cliff somewhere, I’d kill him if he saved me over her! All that aside, life is all gravy and coconut cream pie if you know what I mean! Subhumans–Can you hear the sound of people crying, because once they thought they knew it all? And now their self-assurances are dying as time erodes the writing on the wall.

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