The title to this blog is a link to an Associated Press article about a little boy who died in a backyard sandbox. To summarize the “accident” as the article called it, the little boy was playing in the backyard with some other children, when they got the idea to act like their favourite animae character and do some stunts. One of the children got the bright idea that this little boy should be buried in the sandbox head first! When the boy started thrashing about, obviously in dire and desperate need of air, rather than dig him out of the sand, they thought at first he was playing, and then ran inside to get help AFTER he’d suffocated to the point that, days later he died in a hospital after lying braindead hooked up to machines! The article went on to mention how no one was to blame for the “accident.” THE HELL! I’ll tell you who is to blame for things like this, PARENTS! If your child does not understand the difference between fantasy and reality, then you have failed as a parent. Call me heartless if you will, but I stand by what I say. My daughter is only ten months old, but I still don’t restrict her viewing. I mean, we don’t let her watch Real Sex or anything, but she doesn’t sit around watching TV very much anyway, so when she does, I see nothing wrong with her watching CSI with me or some animae with her daddy. Why? Because we fully intend to FREQUENTLY discuss the difference between fantasy and reality with our child. She will know that just because you can die a million times in a video game, you only die once in real life, regardless of what some religious teachings may tell you. And for those parents who had the misfortune of having to raise mentally disabled children, it is YOUR responsibility to censor what your children watch if they cannot make the fantasy/reality distinction on their own. END OF STORY! And now I’m going to go watch some violent late night programming while I kill random people in World of Warcraft and listen to angry and/or sexually explicit music, because I was raised to KNOW the difference! System of a Down–It’s a violent pornography, choking chicks and sodomy, the kinda shit you get on your TV.

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