Social Pariahs And Mindblowing Orgasms

Well…today has been…a day. I will try to be nice and not say peoples names, but it has come to my attention that people do not like me. Evidently I am crass, uncouth, overtly opinionated, rude, bossy…I suppose the list could go on and on. I never mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I suppose there is some truth in that adage about the road to Hell and its pavers…Life just does not make sense to me sometimes. Moreover, people do not make sense to me. If I do not like someone, I usually tell them why; exceptions would be people I am intimidated by, but that happens less often. For the most part, I THOUGHT I got along with everyone. I was under the apparently false impression that I was generally well liked. Oh well…the day was not all bad. I did have mindblowingly multiple orgasms with my husband before he went to bed this afternoon. It was so awesome! I was on top, not my favorite postion, but he likes it, so I try to please him. For whatever reason, I actually got there rather quickly without any clitoral stimulation, which is unusual for me. Anyway, he kept going, and I climaxed a second time. DURING this second one, he was still going, faster and faster so that I felt myself exploding over and over and over with no end in sight–it was heaven! After what seemed an euphoric eternity, he finally exploded right along with me…I collapsed atop him, thoroughly but enjoyably exhausted. After we caught our breaths and our pulses slowed to normal, I rolled off of him and lay on the mattress, dazed. He got up to go to the bathroom, and when he returned I felt it necessary to inform him that what had just occurred was honestly a first for me–a VERY pleasant first! I am still a little peeved about people, but I love my husband and making love to him, especially when it is so fucking awesome, no pun intended. Anyway, I shall leave you imaginary readers be. I need to bottle the baby and bed the me… Random Ruins of Reality–I am not bound to pay that toll. I am not resigned to be one of the crowd, to fade unknown and unfound, to succumb to this huge and painful load, and I will not be a background sound. I will not fall and my name will be screamed loud for long. I will be a deep scar in history, but they cannot beat me, and so I will face their reprisal.

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