If you wanted another excuse to call me a nerd…

Having spent winter break with my only conversational companion primarily being a babbling seven month old, I have been craving intellectual stimulation! I mean, my dear sweet husband has been around too, but with his night shift job and his growing affinity for the World of Warcraft as of late, I seldom have enjoyed the opportunity to think on a deeper level, except about things that need no additional analization. At any rate, I look forward to this semester. I have decided to force myself to give up my finely honed talents as a world-class procrastinater, in favor of the lost art of organization and educational progress…wish me luck! Hmm…what would Herbert Zinser say about the paragraph I just typed? LOL…oh no! Now I am interspersing intellectual sounding sentences with the dialect of modern technology…help me! I REALLY need to exercise my brain…
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