Opinions Are Like Belly Buttons

You know what’s frustrating? Opinions! They’re like belly buttons. Everybody’s got one, but they’re all useless! I mean, I have been ranting and raving on this blog for what, two, three years now? Does it matter? No one even reads the damn thing, and the few people who do don’t comment much. I am basically talking to myself in text form. And what’s the point of sharing my own opinion with myself? But I do talk to real life people on occasion, and when I do, there is ALWAYS a clashing of opinions. I am a conservative liberal, if that makes any sense at all. There are certain things, like abortion for instance, that I hold conflicting viewpoints with myself. I mean, I would never get one, but I think women should be allowed to get them and if you want to know why without hating me, ask me about it sometime. As far as other opinions that cause unwanted heated debates when I venture out in the world, there are religious opinions. I know you imaginary blog readers who have been with me from day one know my religious viewpoints, or lack thereof, but it is hard to get other people to understand, harder still to get them to stop fighting about it. My philosophy is simple: you live your life, I’ll live mine, and if we want each other’s opinions, we can ask, but if we ask we shouldn’t get pissy if the other person says something we don’t like. Granted I don’t always hold true to that, but I try my damnedest! So if abortion and religion cannot be discussed, what else can people talk about? Well, I cannot talk about gay marriage. I am for gay marriage, I think it should be called marriage, I think those people who oppose it are doing that thing I said not to do, an imposition of religious viewpoints. Also, I cannot talk about the principles upon which this country was founded; I believe that our forefathers wanted a country FREE of religious involvement, whether the founding fathers were Christian or not is an argument for another time, they didn’t want religion to interfere with the workings of the governmental body, but other people believe differently. So, I cannot talk about history, religion, or politics, what about sex? Well, that’s a no go. It’s not “polite” to discuss in “mixed company” plus I’m a married woman so I should only discuss it with my husband. What about food? No go there. I am fat, fat people talking about food get told to not eat. Well, I’ve pretty much discovered that there is NOTHING I can talk about without getting it wrong and meeting with a clashed opinion. Oh, well, guess they can just get over it, or maybe I should? I mean what do I know, these are all just my opinions right?
American Lesion–Momma never told me about the right way to love, and daddy never showed me what we’re supposed to be made of, so don’t be too forthright about what you think that I should be, and I’ll willingly accept your low opinion of me.

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