Yesterday, on Halloween, boyfriend tricked me with the best treat of all. We were driving our friend Matt around, who will be our roommate, showing him the city and trying to help him find a job. Abruptly, boyfriend “decides” to stop downtown so we can “tour the architecture.” We end up walking into the courthouse, wherein he leaves Matt, Luna, and I sitting on a bench on the ground floor so that he can “look for a soda machine and the restrooms.”

I was a mite bit suspicious, but knew better than to get my hopes up, as boyfriend quite frequently does odd things that turn out not to lead to the conclusions I draw. Anyway, Matt needed to go to the DHHS office, so boyfriend left Luna and I sitting on said bench to show Matt which building to walk to. I didn’t understand why Luna and I couldn’t follow. When boyfriend returned, he told me that we should walk around the building for some exercise.

He headed up the steps to the first floor (I know, it confused me too.) and led us right into the County Clerk’s office. I followed him, Luna in my arms, thoroughly bewildered and stood with him at the counter. He quietly said something to the woman behind the counter, and she asked for our driver’s licenses. That is the exact moment that the fog cleared. After asking he and I for some various information, she printed out a paper for us to sign which would later be transferred to the actual marriage license.

Then she gave us the document we needed the Justice of the Peace to sign. The guy (JP) was waiting in the hallway to perform the ceremony. Evidently, boyfriend, my magical man, had been planning this sneaky little endeavor for several weeks. He told me after the fact, that he had told his coworkers what he had intended to do. I once told him how much I love the sneaky proposals you see on television. Boyfriend did one better than that, wrapping a proposal and a marriage all up into one.

He did all the planning, so there was nothing for me to worry about. I was high on elation for the rest of the day. We dressed in costume later in the night and tried to take Luna Trick-or-Treating, but apparently that shuts down in this town by eight! Stupid, huh? But it’s okay, because I got the BEST TREAT EVER!!! I love boyfriend-turned-husband so much. We have been through some trials and tribulations, but the rest of our lives are going to be heaven.

I’m cynical enough not to believe in happily ever after, but I do believe in working hard to help one another remain happy, and riding the roller coasters when you have to. I love my husband! Oh, I guess I said that already…anyway, that’s all for now, imaginary blog readers. I will try to be present more often, so those who are actually interested in what I have to say will be able to hand on my every word…or at least read them.

Heart–“Come on home, girl,” he said with a smile. “I cast my spell of love on you, a woman from a child,” but try to understand. Try to understand. Oh, oh, try, try, try to understand. He’s a magic man. Oh, he’s got the magic hands.

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