One Heel Please, Size 22…

I feel like SUCH an IDIOT! Here I was, once again, looking for chaos, a reason to be miserable. And all the while, one of THE most joyous things I could imagine was well in the works. How could be so HORRIBLY off base? For once, sneaking and secrets were for a GOOD thing. But, it is okay. I am happy now. There are certain things in the works that will make me happy for the REST of my life. But I still need to work on that patience thing… The Proclaimers–Let’s get married. We’re ready for tying the knot. Let’s get married, set the seal on the feelings we’ve got. Let’s get married. We can make each other happy or we can make each other blue. Yeah, it’s just a piece of paper but it says “I Love You” for the good times, for the days when we can do no wrong, for the moments when we think we can’t go on, for the family, for the lives of the children that we’ve planned. Let’s get married. C’mon darlin’, please take my hand.

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