Summertime Wahoos

{or} A Pat On The Back

Well, the end of my “Summer Vacation” is imminent, and I could not be more elated! On May 14th I gave birth to my pride and joy, my beautiful baby girl Luna Rayne. Boyfriend and I have been photographing her ever since! Anyway, pictures are available on my MySpace page. 

At the end of May, against the wishes of others and my own “better” judgment, I chose to take two on-line Summer courses. I was told I had to be insane to undertake such a daunting task with a newborn in the household, but much to my delight, I have managed to pull off an A and a B!

So things are well on the home front and the school front, now about the job front: I was mildly irritated upon discovering that my July 1st return date had not been added to the schedule and I would have to wait another few weeks to get any hours, but after going over my well-intentioned-but-ditsy-nonetheless manager’s head, I was provided with an impromptu promotion to Cashier from my previous position as a People Greeter.

No one complained, I was a hard worker and deserved it. I was happy with that job, but when boyfriend got a job at another store with overlapping hours, and the baby sitter we thought we had lined up had other engagements, my calling in three times in one week appeared to be the end of my employment. However, once again through talking to those most in charge at my store, I was able to secure yet another promotion to Overnight Cashier.

Again, no one is complaining; I’m a hard worker and deserve it. These are not bragging words, I’ve been complimented and praised at work. One such example is the night that I alerted the security team that a known shoplifter had entered the facility yet again. I was a little miffed about this individual’s continuing presence because every time I informed them about it the suspect managed to get out the opposite door due to a far more trusting People Greeter believing whatever story had been concocted.

However, on the evening in question, they were able to apprehend the thief at the end of my shift. I did not get to witness the chaos that ensued, but found out later that the criminal put up a big fight and was escorted out by police. Anyway, on the day of my promotion, the head of the security team informed me that the aforementioned ne’er-do-well told police about “friends” who had committed worse crimes in the city and about ten other people were apprehend as a result of that plea bargain.

Therefore, through innocently and properly doing my job, an armed robber, a burglar, drug criminals, and the original shoplifter were brought to justice. So forgive me if I seem to be a braggart tonight, but I just wanted to tell everyone that I am doing fine, Luna and boyfriend  are fine, and I am VERY glad that hard work and dedication pay off in all facets of my life, from my twelve-hours-and-no-pain-killers child birthing to my two on-line summer courses with a baby in tow to my not-much-more-than-minimum-wage job with ladder-climbing potential.

Today’s Second Post (What!?! Do I always have to be creative?):

Author and Investigative Journalist Barbara Ehrenreich has a book entitled “Nickle and Dimed” in which she tells the story of how she went undercover and attempted to survive as a member of the “working class.” Needless to say she uncovers a lot of horrid truths that many of us have to live with everyday such as the rising costs and low wages that keep the poor poorer and make the rich richer…

A wonderful video clip on the subject may be found at my MySpace page or it’s original location on YouTube. For boyfriend and I between rent, electricity, two cell phones, groceries and supplies for two and a baby, cable internet and local home phone, keeping the gas tank full, my attending college, and the occasional clothing and recreation add up to upwards of $2000 a month.

BUT, he and I only make approximately $1600 a month, and that is with me 32 hours a week and him 40 hours a week, and that just means the number of hours they CAN schedule us, not that they WILL schedule us. Somehow through penny-pinching (literally, I find them on the ground all the time) and borrowing (I get student loans) we are surviving, but as the book and short video clip show, it is near impossible for most people to break even, let alone get ahead.

Right now Sprint is threatening to turn off our phones if we don’t pay them X-amount of money by a certain date because we were terribly late on the payment, so like Ms. Ehrenreich is trying to convey, corporate America is Nickle and Diming the working class to death…

Inspiration music for this post:
Barbara EhrenreichAt the word ‘tomorrow,’ something between fear and indignation rises in my chest. I want to say, ‘Thank you for your time, sir, but this is just an experiment, you know, not my actual life.’
Credence Clearwater Revival–Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis, pumped a lot of ‘pane down in New Orleans, but I never saw the good side of the city ’til I hitched a ride on a river boat queen.

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