Dearest Luna,

As I write this, you are sleeping not-so-quietly on your bouncy chair. You are four days old today. Your Daddy and I love you very much. He is at work earning our rent money and I am trying to watch you and the dinner and I am talking on the phone to your maternal grandma. She wants to know what you’ll call her. Silly huh? My hands are numb from the carpal tunnel I developed while pregnant with you. I don’t blame you for it though. It was probably inevitable with the amount of time I spend on computers. There are so many things I want to share with you, but I don’t always have the time, so I will write each night in this journal for you. Your Daddy should be home in an hour and you are missing him, judging by your fussing. The Dixie Chicks are playing Austin City Limits on the Television. Our two bedroom apartment is small, but serves its purpose. The roaches and mice bother me, but we keep the place clean. I am drinking Sam’s Choice Wild Cherry water right now. You are probably wondering why I am sharing such mundane details. Well, I decided you should know as much as you can about me and who I was, so that you might know me better when you are my age. June 10th of this year I’ll be 22 and June 30th of this year your Daddy’ll be 26. I hope we can grow up for you. I’m going to write more tomorrow, because you

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